20 Shopify Stores to Inspire You

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When it comes to ecommerce, people are spoilt for choice. That’s why, as a business owner it is important for you to create a functional, user-friendly and unique Shopify website.

What are Shopify Stores?

Shopify stores are ecommerce sites for businesses to sell, ship and manage their products online. A plug-and-play solution, Shopify stores make it easier for businesses to set up their website. This is especially useful for small businesses that want to save time and money to build a sleek online store.

Why Your Business Should Consider Having a Shopify Store

If you’re thinking of building your own online store, you may want to consider having a Shopify store along with what to sell on Shopify. Here’s why.

Ease of use: Shopify’s unique selling point is it’s designed as a business-friendly platform that lets you set up your own online store without having to rely on a team of coders. It also comes with a host of customizable themes to help you create a unique, branded web store.

Built-in marketing tools: With its built-in tools for automation, campaign creation and audience tracking, Shopify can make it easier for you to bring customers to your product pages.

App integrations: By integrating with CRM software such as SalesForce, Shopify helps you turn subscribers into paying customers.

Sell anywhere: With a Shopify store, you can promote and sell merchandise on multiple channels such as Amazon, Facebook and Walmart Marketplace from one platform.

The Best Shopify Store Examples to Inspire You

Thanks to its helpful features, many businesses today are making the most of the Shopify store. By using the best free Shopify apps as well as paid apps, along with Shopify dropshipping and other tools you can take advantage of this platform. They are leveraging it to bring product ideas to life, draw customers through meaningful content and product examples.

Before setting up your Shopify store, take a look at these stores for inspiration.

1. Taylor Stitch

taylor stitch shopify store

Taylor Stitch‘s Shopify store sells high-quality clothing such as jackets, footwear and accessories. The site stands out for its creativity to showcase products. It also uniquely describes its differentiator: sustainability.

2. Kylie Cosmetics

One of the most best-known Shopify stores, Kylie Jenner is a uniquely girly site that features a host of skin products. Despite the large number of items on offer, the site is well-organized to give visitors a clear view of the options.

3. ZeroGravity

ZeroGravity sells tech accessories such as phone cases to a largely young audience. Keeping the target market in mind, they have designed a colorful yet simple homepage.

4. Manitobah Mukluks

Manitobah Mukluks sells Canadian footwear inspired by the indigenous culture. Part of what’s cool about this site is the way it highlights its products — through large images and also the story it tells about the brand and its inspiration.

5. Bésame Cosmetics

besame shopify store

Bésame Cosmetics sells a range of beauty products such as lipstick, mascara and cream rouge. The website has an elegant and minimalistic layout.

6. Luxy Made With

Luxy Made With is another ecommerce store that stands out for its simplicity. The brand sells hair products such as hair extensions and its website does a great job of showing the before and after effects of using the collection through images.

7. Custom Fit Tea

Custom Fit Tea’s Shopify site appeals to its target audience with its attention to detail. The brand targets health-conscious consumers and on its website it provides all the information on detox tea that the user will find helpful.

8. Master and Dynamic

Master and Dynamic sells a range of headphones and earphones. The homepage features an impressive carousel that showcases all its cool products. Designed while keeping the customer experience in mind, users will keep coming back for more.

9. Gymshark

Gymshark is a fitness clothing brand that was created by a teenager, Ben Francis in 2012. Its website is well-organized making it easier to navigate through the clothes collections.

10. Christy Dawn

christy dawn shopify store

Christy Dawn is a sustainable clothing brand selling leather goods. The theme of the website is decidedly green and natural, in keeping with the brand’s unique brand value.

11.  Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie is a beauty brand selling a range of cruelty free items. The best thing about their store is the way they entice visitors to sign up with their email. The site is colorful and showcases all the different products they have on offer.

12.  Happiness Abscissa (The Ha)

Happiness Abscissa sells a range of perfumes, candles and soaps. The site stands out with its quirky yet minimalistic design.

13 Urbana

Urbana sells bags and accessories made from sustainable paper. There’s not a lot going on when you visit their website. Instead you will note the site has a clean layout, requiring very little effort to explore products and more.

14. Unconditional

Unconditional is a UK-based fashion company that sells clothing for men and women. The store has a simple website design and keeps visitors engaged with a clear glimpse into the products it has on offer.

15. Burga

burga shopify store

Burga sells fashionable phone accessories such as cases and covers. The store stands out with its focus on customizing user experience. It automatically filters and displays cases based on the device from which it is accessed.

16. Litter

Litter combines the power of simplicity with eye-catching product images to engage its audience. The website has fewer tabs that makes the navigation work easy.

17. Vitaly

Vitaly is a Canada-based brand that specializes in genderless jewelry pieces. On its homepage, Vitaly showcases its products through close-up shots. If you hover on the images, you can find the same pieces on models for a better view.

18. I Love Mole

I Love Mole has a fun, colorful shopify store that provides a cool view of its products. A Mexican mole brand, I Love Mole boasts of high-quality images and a great product review section.

19. Tattly

Tattly is a temporary tattoo company. Their website aligns with the aesthetics of the brand. Colorful typography, close up shots of models and their tattoos and simple navigation make their homepage unique and interesting.

20. Ivory & Deene

Ivory & Deene is an Australia-based home decor store. The brand specializes in upscale products such as chandeliers. Their shopify store has a distinct, minimalistic look and feel that matches their branding.

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