89% of Millennial Women Online Shoppers Are Waiting for Your Next Sale, Survey Finds

The Shopping Habits of Millennial Women Revealed

Millennial women are thrifty shoppers, a new study has found.

The Shopping Habits of Millennial Women Revealed

According to the survey by digital shopping platform ThinkOver, 89 percent of women say they will watch an item for a sale before purchasing.

Millennial Women Looking Out for Sales

Want to attract more millennial women shoppers to your store? Offer attractive discounts and watch your sales spurt.

More than half of respondents (55 percent) said they continuously check a retailer’s website for sales while 58 percent monitor their inboxes for sale alerts.

What’s more, 75 percent of women said they get upset when an item they wanted to buy went on sale and they weren’t aware.

Shoppers Spend Time Before Making a Purchase

The majority of millennial women shoppers (94 percent) spend over an hour per day shopping online. Surprisingly, however, they take a fairly long time before making the final purchase.

Data reveals 62 percent of women are “wait-until-later” online shoppers. Most wait one week between seeing an item and purchasing. And worryingly perhaps, 60 percent of them frequently forget about items that interested them.

How You Can Meet the Demands of Millennial Women Shoppers

As the study reveals, offering attractive discount is the best way to attract millennial women shoppers. But that’s not the only way you can boost your business.

Eighty-four percent of shoppers are unable to re-locate an item on a retailer’s website at a later date. By addressing this problem, you can improve the shopping experience and encourage users to revisit your site.

The study also shows the importance of feedback from friends and family for millennial women. Providing interactive and easy-to-use options to help users share their shopping choices is another way to satisfy them.

For more millennial women shopping insights, check out the infographic below:

The Shopping Habits of Millennial Women Revealed

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