100 Side Hustle Ideas to Consider

100 Side Hustle Ideas to Consider

Not all businesses are full-time operations. Some entrepreneurs prefer to stick with day jobs and run side businesses, or even run multiple businesses at once. If you’re considering adding a side business to your full-time job or business, here are 100 side hustle ideas to consider.

Our Methodology to Choose These Side Hustle Ideas

When evaluating side hustle ideas for additional income, we applied a structured approach to ensure these opportunities align with individual needs and goals. Here’s a breakdown of the criteria used in our selection process:

Market Demand and Viability (Rating: 9/10)

The first step was to assess the market demand for potential side hustles. We looked for ideas that meet current market trends and have a strong customer base, ensuring the side hustle has a viable path to profitability.

Skill and Interest Match (Rating: 8/10)

It’s important that a side hustle aligns with the individual’s skills and interests. We considered side hustles that capitalize on existing talents, hobbies, or professional expertise, making the work more enjoyable and often more successful.

Initial Investment and Cost Efficiency (Rating: 7/10)

We evaluated the required initial investment for each side hustle idea. Favoring options with low startup costs minimizes financial risk and allows for a quicker start.

Time Flexibility and Commitment (Rating: 8/10)

Given that most individuals juggle a side hustle with other responsibilities, we prioritized ideas that offer flexible time commitments. This ensures the side hustle can be managed alongside a full-time job or other personal obligations.

Earning Potential and Scalability (Rating: 8/10)

The financial return of the side hustle is a critical factor. We looked for ideas with a solid earning potential that also offer the possibility of growth or scaling in the future.

Networking and Professional Growth Opportunities (Rating: 6/10)

We also considered whether the side hustle can contribute to expanding an individual’s professional network or skills, adding value beyond just financial gain.

Side Hustle Ideas

1. Investing

If you have some extra money from your job or full-time business, consider investing it into accounts or other businesses. You can potentially grow that money without a huge time commitment.

2. Flipping Houses

Another option that requires some upfront cash, purchase a home in your area and make upgrades before selling it at a profit.

3. House Sitting

Help people in your area who are going on vacation by staying at their home to keep an eye on things.

4. Pet Sitting

For those who love animals, apply that same concept to watching pets while their owners are away.

5. Pet Grooming

You could also offer grooming services for pet owners. You can simply set up a mobile grooming station rather than a dedicated location.

6. Pet Training

If you’re skilled at training dogs and cats, go to your clients to offer your services on nights and weekends.

7. Dog Walking

You can also build a base of recurring clients who want someone to take their dogs out for daily walks.

8. Child Care

For those who are experienced and able to care for children, offer babysitting services for busy parents on nights and weekends.

9. Senior Care

Many seniors could also use some help around the house. Offer your services during non-working hours so regular caregivers can tend to their own needs.

10. Blogging

For those who prefer to run an online business, you can start a blog and run it completely on your own schedule. Earn money through ads, sponsored content or brand partnerships.

11. Podcasting

Podcasting offers similar flexibility, just in audio form. Earn money by including ads with your programming.

12. YouTube Posting

YouTube offers a share of ad revenue to video creators on the site. You can post videos once a week or whenever you have the time to do so.

13. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates earn a portion of each sale they direct toward a partner brand. You can start your own site or even just include these links in social media posts to earn some passive income.

14. Operating a Membership Site

  1. Running a membership site can be a profitable online business model. Start your own website and charge visitors a flat monthly fee to access all of your content.
  2. Here are some key considerations for operating a successful membership site:
  • Valuable Content: Provide high-quality, exclusive content that your members will find valuable.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your content fresh and updated regularly to encourage members to stay subscribed.
  • Community Building: Foster a sense of community among your members by encouraging interaction and providing a platform for discussion.
  • Marketing: Promote your membership site through various online channels such as social media, email marketing, and online advertising.
  • Customer Support: Provide excellent customer support to address any issues or concerns your members may have.

15. Selling Domains

Domain names can be a valuable commodity, and people will often pay a premium for popular or highly desirable domain names. While many domain names are already taken, there are still plenty of opportunities to find and sell valuable domain names.

This business does not require a significant time commitment, as you can purchase domain names and list them for sale on various online marketplaces.

Be sure to do thorough research to identify potentially valuable domain names and consider investing in domain names related to emerging trends or industries.

16. Freelance Writing

As a freelance writer, you would simply offer your writing services to other websites or publications on a contract basis.

17. Proofreading

If you’re a skilled editor, you could also offer services to publications, websites, authors or organizations that need proofreading.

18. Tutoring

Tutor students in a specific subject or test prep area to earn some extra money after hours. This can be an especially relevant idea for educators.

19. Resume Service

Help people get jobs by charging a small fee to write or edit their resumes and cover letters.

20. Virtual Assistant Service

Virtual assistants work on a contractual basis, helping businesses with everything from social media scheduling to inbox management.

21. Social Media Managing

You could also specialize in helping brands manage their social media accounts, charging a flat weekly or monthly fee.

22. Social Media Influencing

Influencers work with brands and charge fees for product mentions or reviews that will help them reach relevant consumers.

23. Digital Marketing

If you’re a skilled marketer, off your expertise or consulting services to other business clients.

24. SEO Consulting

Or you could specialize in a particular area, like helping companies improve their rankings on search engines.

25. Copywriting

Writers, offer your skills to businesses that need copy for websites, ads, or product pages.

26. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriters are similar to freelance writers. But they write content that is to be published under another name.

27. Designing Logos

If you have an eye for design, offer your services to businesses in need of logos and other branding elements.

28. Designing Websites

side hustle ideas

You could also design websites for businesses and individuals. Just make sure you keep your schedule light so you can provide personal attention.

29. Developing Apps

If you’re able to design and develop mobile applications, you can either create your own and sell it in app stores or design apps for business clients.

30. Business Consulting

For those who have already run successful businesses, your side hustle could be helping other entrepreneurs find success through consulting.

Here’s how you can get started:

Key AreaDescription
ExpertiseLeverage your experience and expertise in running successful businesses to provide valuable insights and advice to other entrepreneurs.
Services OfferedDetermine the specific services you will offer. This could include business planning, marketing strategy, financial analysis, operations optimization, etc.
Target AudienceIdentify your target audience. This could be new entrepreneurs, small business owners, or specific industries where you have particular expertise.
Pricing StrategyDecide how you will price your consulting services. This could be on an hourly basis, a flat fee for a specific project, or a retainer for ongoing services.
MarketingDevelop a marketing strategy to promote your consulting services. This could include creating a website, networking, online advertising, and social media promotion.
Continuous LearningStay updated with the latest trends, tools, and best practices in your area of expertise to provide the most current and relevant advice to your clients.

31. Recruiting

If you already have a lot of contacts in a particular industry, put that to use as a recruiter that helps companies find qualified job candidates.

32, Life Coaching

Want to offer your expertise and help on a variety of subjects, from health to personal relationships? Consider life coaching, either in person or online.

33. Selling Ebooks

You can easily publish your own ebooks on platforms like Amazon and then earn a portion of each sale.

34. Designing T-Shirts

There are plenty of online platforms that let you upload designs and then have them printed on t-hsirts and other products on demand.

35. Dropshipping Store

Similarly, you can work with a dropshipping provider to open your own ecommerce store without having to worry about things like shipping and logistics.

36. Ecommerce Reselling

If you want more control over the ecommerce process but don’t want to actually manufacture your own products, you could simply resell items you purchase from other dealers.

37. Driving

If you have a car, you can drive for services like Uber or Lyft in your spare time.

38. Delivering Food

If you enjoy driving but prefer not to transport passengers, consider delivering food or groceries. Services like Postmates or Instacart allow you to make money by delivering orders to customers’ doors.

With the increasing demand for home deliveries, this side hustle can be quite lucrative. You can choose your working hours, making it a flexible option for those with a busy schedule.

39. Renting Your Car

If you have a car that you do not use frequently, consider renting it out to others. Platforms like Turo allow you to list your vehicle for rent, set your rates, and choose your availability.

It’s a great way to earn passive income without putting in much effort. Just make sure to keep your car well-maintained and clean.

Check with your insurance company to ensure you are covered for renting out your vehicle.

40. Renting Equipment

Many people need specific equipment for a one-time project and prefer to rent rather than buy. If you have lawn care items, power tools, or any other equipment that is in demand, you can rent them out for a fee.

List your items on local classified websites or community bulletin boards. Make sure to include clear photos and descriptions of the items, and specify the rental terms and conditions.

41. Selling Stock Photos

If you have a passion for photography, consider selling your images on stock photo sites like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock. Businesses, bloggers, and designers often purchase stock photos for their projects.

Every time someone purchases one of your images, you’ll earn a portion of the sale.

To succeed in this side hustle, focus on creating high-quality, unique images that cater to the needs of potential buyers.

Consider specializing in a niche, as this can help you stand out in a crowded market.

42. Photographing Portraits

Or you could offer your services as a portrait photographer, taking photos of families, seniors or even pets on nights and weekends.

43. Photographing Events

Events like weddings also take place largely on the weekends. So it’s a perfect opportunity for photographers to earn extra income.

44. Event Planning

Offering your services as an event or wedding planner can be a rewarding and lucrative side hustle.

You’ll be responsible for organizing and managing all aspects of an event, from contacting vendors to managing the schedule on the day of the event.

Here are some key responsibilities of an event planner:

  • Vendor Coordination: Establish relationships with vendors, negotiate contracts, and ensure they meet their obligations.
  • Schedule Management: Create a detailed schedule for the event and ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.
  • Budget Management: Develop a budget for the event and ensure all expenses stay within the budget.
  • Problem Solving: Handle any issues or emergencies that arise during the event.
  • Communication: Maintain clear communication with the client to ensure their expectations are met.

45. DJ Service

side hustle ideas

If you have a passion for music and know how to get a crowd moving, offering DJ services at weddings, parties, and other events can be a great side hustle. Invest in high-quality equipment and build a diverse music collection to cater to different tastes.

Developing your skills in mixing and beat-matching will set you apart from the competition.

Consider creating a website or social media page to showcase your services, share testimonials from past clients, and provide a way for potential clients to contact you.

46. Catering

For food obsessed entrepreneurs, catering is the perfect option for a side hustle because you can focus on weekend events and don’t need a dedicated restaurant space.

47. Baking

If you prefer baking, you can create baked goods on nights and weekends and sell them to local bakeries or directly to consumers online.

48. Operating a Food Truck

Food trucks are also especially popular on nights and weekends. And they don’t have as high of a startup cost as restaurants.

49. Selling Online Courses

If you have expertise in nearly any area, you can create an online course and then sell it to students so they can take it at their own pace.

50. Selling Digital Products

There are also tons of other digital products you can sell instantly, from printable designs to worksheets and workbooks.

51. Meal Planning

For health conscious entrepreneurs, offer your services as a meal planner to those who want help improving their diets.

52. Personal Training

You could also focus on fitness by offering workout plans or training services out of a local gym.

53. Teaching Yoga

Get certified as a yoga instructor and offer your own classes around town.

54. Teaching Dance

You can also offer dance classes to children or adults, with options ranging from ballet to hip hop dance.

55. Teaching Musical Instruments

If you know a musical instrument, work with kids on a one-on-one basis to teach them the ropes. You could even offer voice lessons if that’s your specialty.

56. Bookkeeping

Financially inclined entrepreneurs, work with local businesses to manage their books on a contractual basis.

57. Tax Prep

Tax prep is an especially popular service during the first few months of the year. It’s perfect for mathematically inclined individuals who experience a slow season in their other businesses or who can take a bit of time off from their traditional jobs.

58. Tech Repair Service

For tech savvy individuals, offer your services repairing phones, computers and other gadgets for customers in your area.

59. Tech Refurbishing

Or you could buy these items at a discounted rate when people are done with them, refurbish them and sell them at a profit.

60. Providing Remote Tech Support

If you want to provide technical assistance from the comfort of your own home, offer a remote service where you help people with issues online or over the phone.

61. Auto Detailing

Auto detailing can easily be run as a mobile business on the weekends. You just need some basic cleaning supplies and transportation.

62. Bicycle Repair

Similarly, you can travel to clients who need bicycle repair, or just set up a small workshop in your garage.

63. Property Managing

Landlords and property owners in your area may want some help communicating with tenants, collecting payments and managing repairs for their properties. You may need a flexible schedule to do this, but it can easily be done along with other businesses or remote work.

64. Vacation Rentals

side hustle ideas

If you own another property or have some extra room in your home, consider renting it out on sites like Airbnb to earn extra cash.

65. Estate Sale Management

Estate sales are popular on weekends. And families could often use help going through their belongings and preparing for the sale.

66. Selling Vintage

You could also purchase vintage items and sell them to buyers online or at local antique malls or fairs.

67. Refinishing Furniture

More specifically, you can earn a fair amount by repairing old furniture, either refinishing wood, painting, or reupholstering.

68. Interior Design

If you have an eye for design, work with clients in your area to update their spaces as an interior designer.

69. Holiday Decorating

Particularly in high income areas, some homeowners may be willing to pay for you to decorate their home for holidays, especially when it comes to hanging outdoor lights.

70. Woodworking

Skilled woodworkers, offer your services to locals who want custom wood creations or just make your own products and sell them.

71. Handyman Service

For handy individuals, offer your services on nights and weekends as a handyman. You can do everything from hanging pictures to removing wallpaper.

72. Landscaping

If you enjoy spending time outside, bring on some regular clients and provide lawn care and landscaping maintenance.

73. Gardening

For those who prefer a more specialized approach, you can help people build beautiful gardens on their property.

74. Pool Cleaning

If you live in an area with a lot of pools, offer cleaning services after hours and on weekends. It’s a seasonal business and you can easily keep your client load manageable.

75. Home and Office Cleaning

You can work with both homeowners and businesses as a cleaning service. Simply create a schedule of times you’re available and then bring on some weekly clients in your area.

76. Organizing

Organizing is incredibly popular right now. Work with clients one-on-one to declutter their spaces and create systems to keep everything on track.

77. Laundry Service

As a mobile laundry service, you can simply pick up items from clients, wash, dry, iron and return them. This is especially popular in areas with a lot of seniors or college students.

78. Moving Service

If you have some strong individuals and large vans or trucks, help people in your area move their belongings from one home to another.

79. Packing Service

If you don’t necessarily have all the equipment but still want to help people move, you can just offer help with packing and/or unpacking.

80. Junk Hauling

As a junk hauling service, you can help homeowners and businesses get rid of heavy items or excessive junk. You’ll need access to dumpsters and other equipment. But you can do this largely on your own schedule.

81. Recycling

As a recycling service, you can also help people clear out unwanted items. But instead you’d take items to their proper recycling receptacles.

82. House Painting

As a house painter, you just need some ladders or scaffolding and basic painting supplies. You can create your own schedule of availability and offer interior and/or exterior painting services.

83. Inspecting Homes

You could also offer to inspect homes for potential buyers or sellers, as long as you have the knowledge and training.

84. Staging Homes

Those who are looking to sell their homes could often use help making their spaces more appealing. As a stager, you’d bring in furniture and decor or shift pieces around to help homes sell.

85. Vehicle Advertising

If you have a vehicle that you drive around town often, offer it up as an advertising solution to local businesses. Either put a sign at the top or add stickers or wraps to the side.

86. Product Licensing

Have an idea for a product? Create a prototype and then license it out to other distributors to earn a portion of the sales.

87. Hair Styling

Hair stylists, offer your services by appointment on nights and weekends. You can even travel directly to your clients.

88. Makeup Artistry

Similarly, you can provide makeup services for clients. This is especially popular for weddings and special events.

89. Massage Therapy

If you’re trained as a massage therapist, set up a small studio or travel to your clients by appointment.

90. Selling Handmade Products

For those who are skilled in a particular craft, sell your products on sites like Etsy or Amazon Handmade.

91. Designing Custom Invitations

You can also create custom products for clients on these platforms or your own site. This is especially popular for wedding invitations and paper goods.

92. Illustrating

Great at drawing? Offer your skills as a custom illustrator who sells work to business clients, authors or directly to consumers.

93. Selling at Farmers Markets

Farmers markets often take place on the weekends. So this is a perfect opportunity for gardeners or small food producers to earn some extra money.

94. Altering Clothes

Those who can sew can earn extra money as an on-demand tailor or alterations specialist. Either set up a small studio or travel to clients in your area.

95. Running Errands

If you want to earn some extra cash but don’t have a particular niche in mind, offer a little of everything by signing up for platforms like TaskRabbit.

96. Translating

Know multiple languages? Offer to translate business documents, books, live events or pretty much anything else you can think of in exchange for a fee.

97. Travel Planning

side hustle ideas

Help people plan their perfect getaway as a travel planner or consultant. This service is particularly in-demand with organizations and large groups.

98. Healthcare Consulting

If you know a lot about the healthcare industry, you can work with families of seniors or those going through serious illnesses to help them make sense of the options and get the proper care.

99. Placing Vending Machines

side hustle ideas

If you have some upfront capital but not a ton of time to manage a business, purchase some vending machines, place them in high traffic areas and have them do the selling for you.

100. Operating Weekend Pop-up Shops

Retail stores don’t usually make great side hustles because they require too much time and money. But you can offer your goods at pop-up shops around town. Just schedule events as you have the time.

Summary of the Best Side Hustle Ideas

Real EstateFlipping Houses
Home CareHouse Sitting
Pet CarePet Sitting, Pet Grooming, Pet Training, Dog Walking
Personal ServicesChild Care, Senior Care
Digital MediaBlogging, Podcasting, YouTube Posting, Operating a Membership Site
Digital MarketingAffiliate Marketing, Social Media Managing, Social Media Influencing, Digital Marketing, SEO Consulting
Digital AssetsSelling Domains
Writing & EditingFreelance Writing, Proofreading, Copywriting, Ghostwriting
Professional ServicesResume Service
Administrative SupportVirtual Assistant Service
DesignDesigning Logos, Designing Websites
TechnologyDeveloping Apps
ConsultingBusiness Consulting, Recruiting, Life Coaching
Human ResourcesRecruiting
HealthcareHealthcare Consulting
Creative ArtsPhotographing Portraits, Photographing Events, DJ Service, Designing Custom Invitations, Illustrating
Crafts & DIYWoodworking, Refinishing Furniture, Baking, Selling Handmade Products
Food & BeverageCatering, Operating a Food Truck, Meal Planning, Baking
Fitness & WellnessPersonal Training, Teaching Yoga, Teaching Dance, Teaching Musical Instruments, Massage Therapy
Home ServicesLandscaping, Gardening, Pool Cleaning, Home and Office Cleaning, Organizing, Handyman Service, House Painting
Retail & SalesSelling Ebooks, Selling Digital Products, Selling at Farmers Markets, Selling Vintage, Operating Weekend Pop-up Shops
Transport & DeliveryDriving, Delivering Food, Renting Your Car, Junk Hauling, Recycling
Property ManagementProperty Managing, Vacation Rentals, Estate Sale Management
Tech ServicesTech Repair Service, Tech Refurbishing, Providing Remote Tech Support
MiscellaneousAltering Clothes, Running Errands, Translating, Travel Planning, Placing Vending Machines

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