The 50 Best Side Businesses for Teachers

The 50 Best Side Jobs for Teachers That Can Turn Into a Business

For teachers, summer is often full of free time. And that means there’s an opportunity to make some extra money. But you don’t have to resort to getting a seasonal job. You can instead start a business that makes great use of your talents during the summer months. Here are 50 business ideas for teachers.

Choosing the Best Side Jobs for Teachers: Our Thought Process

Teachers have a unique set of skills – patience, communication, management, and more. When summer rolls around or after school hours, some educators seek additional income sources. We’re here to provide guidance. To aid teachers in identifying rewarding side gigs, we’ve delved deep into various opportunities and evaluated them based on a set of criteria, with each factor rated on an importance scale of one to ten, with ten being reserved for the most important considerations. Here’s how we made our choices.

  1. Skill Utilization
    • Scale Importance: 10/10
    • We prioritize jobs that leverage a teacher’s existing skills, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal learning curve.
  2. Flexibility
    • Scale Importance: 9/10
    • Teachers need jobs that can work around their primary responsibilities. We sought opportunities that offer flexible hours and commitments.
  3. Income Potential
    • Scale Importance: 9/10
    • While passion is essential, the earning potential is crucial. We’ve focused on gigs that can provide a decent supplemental income.
  4. Entry Barriers
    • Scale Importance: 8/10
    • Side jobs should be easily accessible. We considered opportunities that have low entry barriers in terms of investment or training.
  5. Personal Fulfillment
    • Scale Importance: 9/10
    • We understand that teachers often seek roles that are rewarding. Thus, jobs that provide a sense of purpose or align with educational values ranked higher.
  6. Demand and Sustainability
    • Scale Importance: 8/10
    • It’s important for side gigs to have longevity. We’ve looked at current market trends to ensure the roles are in demand and sustainable in the long run.

With an educator’s schedule, interests, and skills in mind, we’ve crafted our recommendations. These side job suggestions aim to provide a harmonious blend of income, personal satisfaction, and feasibility for teachers seeking additional ventures.

Side Jobs for Teachers That Can Turn Into a Business


The most natural business fit for teachers is offering tutoring services on the side. You can use your existing skills help students in your subject of choice with one-on-one lessons over the summer.

Selling Online Courses

You could also offer your expertise in another format — online courses. There’s a low barrier to entry and you can easily utilize your existing skills to create your own curriculum and course materials then offer them for purchase online.

Selling Lesson Plans

Some teachers also make extra money throughout the year by creating lesson plans and offering them for sale to other teachers online. This is one of the easiest and most natural fits for teachers who already create their own plans during off times.

Remote Grading Service

Another business opportunity to help other teachers save time involves offering to grade tests or papers for other teachers who don’t have the time to do it themselves.

Hosting Webinars

If you’re interested in offering your expertise online, you can host live webinars to offer demonstrations and explanations on a particular subject. This can be a more scalable and sustainable option than others, since you can serve many people with one session.

Best Side Businesses for Teachers

Test Prep Courses

There’s also a large market for courses or tutoring sessions to help students prepare for courses like the SATs using your existing expertise.

Scholarship Consultant

If you’re skilled with finding and applying for scholarships, you can share your expertise by consulting with students looking for help paying for school.

Ed Tech Business

If you’ve noticed an opportunity through your teaching experience for a new type of product or invention that could help you in the classroom, you could use the summer months to develop the technology and then offer your product to other teachers.


There are also opportunities out there for those who are able to provide research services to other businesses and organizations.

Best Side Businesses for Teachers

Resume Service

You could also provide services to job seekers who need help writing and editing their resumes and cover letters.


Or you could provide more general proofreading services to anyone from students to businesses.


You could also go a little more in depth with your services, offering full editing services to authors, bloggers and businesses.


Or if you have an idea for a book, you can use the summer and after school hours to write it. Then you can self publish it as a book or ebook. Many teachers find this to be a personally fulfilling goal.

Best Side Businesses for Teachers

Public Speaker

Another opportunity to offer your knowledge with others is to offer public speaking services in the area of your choice.

Workshop Host

You could also teach one-time workshops on a particular subject. Rent a space or invite people to your home and share your expertise.

Educational Website

For tech savvy teachers, you could also start your very own website and share information or even provide a forum environment where visitors can interact with one another.


If you enjoy writing, you can also share your expertise or experiences by starting a blog. Then you can make money through advertising, sponsored posts or affiliate links.

Freelance Writer

Or you could offer your services to other businesses or publications on a freelance basis. There’s a low barrier to entry and plenty of opportunities to write about subjects that appeal to your interests.


You could even offer services as a copywriter, providing copy for websites and similar materials.

Educational Videos

If video is more of your format of choice, you can offer your own series of videos on YouTube or start your own site where people can pay to access the content.


You could also gather up books and other educational materials and offer them in an e-library format where people can pay to subscribe.


For teachers who specialize in languages, you can make some extra money by offering translation services.

Best Side Businesses for Teachers

Online Coach

You can also share your knowledge with others on more of an ongoing basis by working as a coach or consultant with online clients.

Corporate Training

Or you can offer more specialized training to employees of companies. For instance, if you specialize in computers and technology, you could offer training on a particular type of software.

Music Lessons

For musically inclined teachers, you can use the summer months and after school hours to offer music lessons to students looking to play various instruments.

Fitness Instructor

You could also use your classroom savvy to teach fitness classes like yoga, pilates, spinning or barre.

Swimming Lessons

If you have access to a pool, you could also offer swimming lessons to customers, provided you have the right knowledge and training.

Caricature Artist

Artistically inclined teachers can spend the summer months setting up caricature stations at special events and offering to make customized portraits for customers.

Child Care

For those who miss being surrounded by kids throughout the summer, you can open your own day care from your home or just provide child care services to clients occasionally.

Summer Camp

You could even start your own summer camp where you invite kids to stay or just hang out during the day while you offer fun summertime activities.


If you’re just looking for a relaxing business opportunity that allows you to spend time outside during the summer, you might want to consider offering gardening services.

Lawn Mowing

You could also build up a base of regular weekly customers by offering lawn mowing services to homeowners in your area.

Landscape Design

For those who want to go a little more in depth, you can offer landscaping or landscape design services to homeowners who want to redesign their outdoor spaces.

Pool Cleaning

Or you could invest in some basic equipment and offer pool cleaning services to clients who don’t want to deal with the hassle themselves.

Ice Cream Vendor

You could also spend the summer months selling frozen treats out of an ice cream truck or cart.

Dog Walker

If you want to spend your summer surrounded by cute animals, you could offer dog walking services to people in your neighborhood. There’s tons of demand for this service, and it’s easy to get started.

Car Wash

You might even consider offering car washing or detailing services to customers who want to make sure their vehicles look their best throughout the summer.

Farmers’ Market Vendor

If you grow or make various food items, you could rent booth space at a local farmers’ market and spend your summers selling your items to local consumers.

Vacation Rentals

Or maybe you enjoy traveling during the summer months. If so, you could take advantage of any extra space in your home and rent it out on sites like Airbnb.

Boat Rentals

If you have a boat or the ability to buy one, you could also offer boat rentals throughout the summer.

Bicycle Repairs

For those who are skilled with bicycle repairs, you could offer that as another service that’s particularly popular during the summer months.

Yard Sale Organizer

Summer is also a big time for yard sales. So you can help people in your city organize theirs in exchange for a fee, or you could even host your own.

Used Book Seller

For teachers that have accumulated large collections of old books, you could also start a business where you sell those books online. This can be a flexible business that you just run when you have time.

Tour Guide

If you live in an area that’s popular with tourists, you could set up a tour guide business where you show people around various attractions during the summer.

Party Entertainer

Summer is also a big time for parties. So if you’re skilled with things like juggling, balloon sculpting or other types of party entertainment, you can offer your services to party hosts.

Handmade Business

If you’re looking for something that’s simple to get started and allows you to work at your own pace, make handmade items and sell them at craft fairs or on sites like Etsy.

Fair Food Vendor

You can also take advantage of all the fairs, festivals and similar events that take place during the summer months by starting a food business where you set up shop and offer fair food to event goers.


For artistically inclined teachers, you could spend the summer months taking photos to sell or even providing photography services for weddings or other events.


Many teachers also have strong organizational skills. So you could start a business offering organizational services to people looking to get their homes or offices organized.

Transportation Service

Or you could do something really simple like offer transportation services through platforms like Uber or even start your own brand offering services in your area. This is an incredibly flexible option with a low barrier to entry.

Creating Engaging Educational Resources

As a teacher, you possess a wealth of knowledge and creativity that can be harnessed to create engaging educational resources. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or share your expertise, here are some ideas for crafting educational materials that stand out:

  • Interactive Worksheets: Develop interactive worksheets that go beyond traditional pen-and-paper exercises. Incorporate online tools and platforms to make learning engaging and dynamic.
  • Educational Games: Design board games, card games, or digital games that teach various subjects in an interactive and enjoyable way. Gamified learning can be both educational and entertaining.
  • Digital Storybooks: Combine your teaching skills with storytelling by creating digital storybooks. Incorporate animations, illustrations, and interactive elements to captivate young readers.
  • Science Experiment Kits: Assemble science experiment kits with detailed instructions and necessary materials. These kits can be sold to parents or used as teaching aids in schools.
  • Art and Craft Tutorials: Develop step-by-step art and craft tutorials that cater to different age groups. Provide templates and instructions for creating various projects.
  • Language Learning Resources: Craft language learning resources like flashcards, pronunciation guides, and vocabulary games for learners of all ages.
  • STEM Projects: Design hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) projects that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Virtual Field Trips: Create virtual field trip packages that take students on immersive journeys to historical sites, landmarks, or natural wonders.
  • Educational Videos: Produce short educational videos that explain complex concepts in a visually engaging manner. Upload them to platforms like YouTube or offer them on your website.
  • Career Exploration Guides: Develop guides that introduce students to various career paths, providing insights into required skills, education, and potential opportunities.
  • Cultural Learning Kits: Curate cultural learning kits that introduce students to different cultures, traditions, and customs from around the world.
  • Eco-Friendly Projects: Craft projects that promote environmental awareness and sustainability. Provide instructions for creating eco-friendly crafts and conducting environmental experiments.
  • Digital Quizzes and Assessments: Design digital quizzes and assessments that provide instant feedback to students. These tools can be used for practice or formative assessments.
  • Coding and Programming Lessons: Develop coding and programming lessons that cater to students interested in technology and computer science.
  • Mindfulness and Well-being Activities: Create resources that focus on mindfulness, emotional well-being, and self-care. These tools can be valuable for both students and educators.
  • Inclusive Education Materials: Develop resources that promote inclusive learning environments, providing strategies for accommodating diverse learning needs.
  • Home Learning Kits: Craft kits that parents can use to facilitate learning at home. These kits can cover a range of subjects and provide structured activities.
  • Language Arts Modules: Design comprehensive language arts modules that cover reading, writing, grammar, and literary analysis. Offer these modules as downloadable resources.
  • Geography Exploration Packs: Put together geography exploration packs that delve into different regions, countries, and geographical features.
  • Problem-Solving Challenges: Create sets of problem-solving challenges that encourage critical thinking and creative solutions.

By leveraging your teaching expertise, you can develop a range of educational resources that benefit students, parents, and fellow educators. These resources have the potential to not only generate income but also make a positive impact on learning experiences.

Type of Educational ResourceDescription
Interactive WorksheetsDevelop engaging worksheets using online tools to create dynamic learning experiences beyond traditional methods.
Educational GamesDesign interactive board games, card games, or digital games that teach various subjects while making learning enjoyable.
Digital StorybooksCombine storytelling and teaching by creating digital storybooks with animations, illustrations, and interactive elements for young readers.
Science Experiment KitsAssemble science experiment kits with detailed instructions and materials, offering hands-on learning experiences for students and parents.
Art and Craft TutorialsCraft step-by-step tutorials for art and craft projects catering to different age groups, complete with templates and instructions.
Language Learning ResourcesCreate language learning tools like flashcards, pronunciation guides, and vocabulary games to enhance language acquisition for learners.
STEM ProjectsDesign hands-on STEM projects that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills, providing students with engaging learning opportunities.
Virtual Field TripsDevelop immersive virtual field trip packages that transport students to historical sites, landmarks, and wonders of the world from the comfort of their classroom.
Educational VideosProduce concise educational videos explaining complex concepts visually, which can be uploaded to platforms like YouTube for easy access.
Career Exploration GuidesDevelop guides introducing students to diverse career paths, shedding light on required skills, education, and potential opportunities.
Cultural Learning KitsCurate kits that introduce students to cultures, traditions, and customs from around the world, promoting global awareness and understanding.
Eco-Friendly ProjectsCraft projects that promote environmental awareness and sustainability, providing instructions for eco-friendly crafts and experiments.
Digital Quizzes and AssessmentsDesign digital quizzes and assessments that offer instant feedback for practice or formative assessments, enhancing student engagement and learning.
Coding and Programming LessonsDevelop coding and programming lessons to cater to tech-savvy students interested in exploring technology and computer science.
Mindfulness and Well-being ActivitiesCreate resources focusing on mindfulness, emotional well-being, and self-care, beneficial for both students and educators.
Inclusive Education MaterialsDevelop resources promoting inclusive learning environments, offering strategies to accommodate diverse learning needs and styles.
Home Learning KitsCraft kits for parents to facilitate at-home learning, covering various subjects and providing structured activities for students.
Language Arts ModulesDesign comprehensive language arts modules encompassing reading, writing, grammar, and literary analysis, available as downloadable resources.
Geography Exploration PacksPut together exploration packs delving into different regions, countries, and geographical features, sparking curiosity about the world.
Problem-Solving ChallengesCreate sets of challenges that encourage critical thinking and creativity, fostering problem-solving skills and intellectual growth in students.


The summer break presents teachers with a unique opportunity to harness their expertise, creativity, and passion in ways that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting. While the season offers a reprieve from the demands of the academic year, it also opens doors to entrepreneurial endeavors that align with your teaching talents. The extensive list of 50 business ideas presented here showcases the incredible diversity of options available to educators looking to utilize their skills during the summer months.

From tutoring and online course creation to crafting engaging educational resources, the possibilities are vast and cater to a wide range of interests and expertise. Embracing these business ideas not only offers financial benefits but also allows you to amplify your impact on education. By sharing your knowledge, creativity, and passion through innovative ventures like interactive worksheets, educational games, virtual field trips, and language learning resources, you can create meaningful learning experiences for students, parents, and fellow educators.

As you embark on this journey of entrepreneurial exploration, remember that each business idea offers a chance for you to continue making a positive difference in education while enjoying the flexibility that summer offers. Whether you choose to embark on a new teaching-related venture or enhance your existing skills through these diverse business opportunities, the summer months become a canvas for you to shape your professional path in inspiring and impactful ways.

So, as you enjoy the well-deserved break, consider how you can leverage your expertise to not only make extra income but also to cultivate engaging, innovative, and enriching educational resources that contribute to the growth and success of learners and educators alike.

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