Simple Tips to Jump-Start Your Business Immediately

Simple Tips to Jump-Start Your Business Immediately

There are seemingly endless numbers of business tips out there. Many of them require months and months of planning and work to actually achieve. But not everything has to be so complicated. This week, we compiled a list of very simple tips from members of our small business community. Most of them can even be implemented immediately. Read on for the full list in this week’s Small Business Trends community and information roundup.

Amplify Your Content Reach

(Social Media Examiner)

You work so hard to create great content for your marketing efforts. But if you can’t get that great content in front of people, it won’t do any good. This post by Tom Pick includes some very simple things you can do to get your content in front of the people you want to reach.

Say Thank You

(Officing Today)

Managing a team can be difficult. But sometimes little solutions can make a big difference. In this post, Jo Disney points out that simple manners and respect, like saying “thank you,” can really make a difference in your business’s team dynamics.

Get Your Startup Unstuck

(Small Biz Daily)

If you’re feeling stuck in your business, there’s no better day than today to take some positive steps. In this post, Rieva Lesonsky shares a very simple method for helping entrepreneurs jump-start their own success. And the BizSugar community discussed the post further here.

Find Inspiration for Your Business


Running a business requires a lot of creativity and ideas. But even the most creative entrepreneurs run into blocks sometimes. Luckily, Nellie Akalp has some suggestions for where you can look for business inspiration. BizSugar members also shared their thoughts on inspiration here.

Build a Pinterest Following

(Ignite Visibility)

Pinterest can be a great tool for driving traffic to your website, particularly if your business is visually oriented. But you have an even better chance of driving traffic if you have a large following. This post by John E. Lincoln includes some simple ways you can build a following on Pinterest starting today.

Plan the Year Ahead

(Barefoot Basics)

You might not be able to make all the progress you’d like for your business in the next few days. But you can plan for it. If you have a basic idea of what you want to accomplish in the next year, you’ll be more likely to actually make those things happen. Here, Rochelle Stone shares some tips for planning the year ahead.

Blog Faster


When working on your business blog, you should be concerned with quality first. But quantity is also important. The more great content you have, the greater chance for it to be seen by potential customers. But in order for you to create as much great blog content as possible, you need to learn how to blog faster. This post by Linda Dessau shares some bad blogging habits that might be slowing down your work.

Ensure Views for Your Online Ads


Online advertising can be measured in so many different metrics. But everyone can agree — your ad won’t do any good if no one even sees it. Luckily, Google has some very specific guidelines for making your ads more viewable. Elie Litvin shares those guidelines here.

Get Into Podcasting


Starting a podcast might seem like a big undertaking. But with just a bit of knowledge and equipment, it can be simpler than you might think. In this post, Ileane Smith shares some podcasting tips that you can use to get yours off the ground. BizSugar members also had some thoughts to share on the topic.

Make These Small Business Resolutions

(The Marketing Eggspert Blog)

Whether you are a fan of new year’s resolutions or not, you should still periodically evaluate your business’s goals and progress. In this post, April Lisonbee suggests some business resolutions you can make today to improve your business over the coming year. And BizSugar members talked more about resolutions here.

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