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Google just launched a new service called Knol. With Knol you can create articles on specific topics at the site. If you wish, you can allow others to contribute their thoughts and information to your Knol article (either subject to your approval, or unmoderated). Some SEO professionals are seeing that after just a few days, some Knol articles are already ranking well in the Google search results.

This morning I created a Knol on the topic of “Size of the Small Business Market.”

Size of Small Business Market - Knol

In this Knol I outlined in plain language the size of the small business market in the United States. In other words, it describes how many small businesses there are. I’ve included some statistics, but you won’t be overwhelmed with numbers, I guarantee it.

I also cover the distinction between the “SMB market” and the “small business market.” And I started to cover the different ways some vendors segment the small business market.

But I could use your help to add to and improve the article.

One example: the knol article could use more information about other designations such as “personal businesses,” “microbusinesses” and “SOHOs,” that describe specific types of small businesses. That’s just one example of how the article could be improved.

So now I invite you to contribute to the Size of Small Business Market knol, with your own comments. Feel free to add comments to that article over there. You can suggest additions to the article; clarifications of wording; and links to other helpful resources (including articles on your own sites). I will consider all helpful resources, insights and commentary for inclusion. You will be given credit for all contributions that make it into the revised article.

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