Slack Users Can Now Use Skype to Collaborate

skype and slack

Microsoft revealed in a post last week that Skype will now integrate with Slack, the popular instant messaging and collaboration platform for teams. The integration, still in preview, allows Slack teams to complete Skype voice and video calls from within Slack threads, speeding up communication.

“If your team uses Slack, a new choice of real-time communication is available beginning today,” the Slack team explained in the official post. “You can now access the familiar and trusted voice and video calling you’ve grown to depend on with Skype, right from within Slack.”

To integrate Skype and Slack, go to and click the “Add to Slack” button. You will be required to confirm the team that you want to integrate with. While you’re at it, you can opt to “Change teams” only clicking “Authorize” when you have the correct team. Once the integration is complete, anyone on the Slack team will be able to initiate a Skype voice or video call by typing “/skype” into the Slack chat, the company says.

While the Slack team member initiating the call needs to be on a computer, others joining the conversation can use Slack on iOS, Android or other devices. Slack team members will receive a notification that a Skype call has started and they can join right away.

The preview release seems to be in line with Skype’s recent moves to make calling faster and easier. Last year, Skype launched shareable chat links and also rolled out its Web version worldwide. And now, with the Slack integration, Slack users can join a Skype call using a desktop or mobile apps. In fact, signing in with a Skype name or Microsoft account is not required. Users can join the call as guests.

The Skype team didn’t divulge any details as to when the Slack integration would launch out of preview. There was also no word from them as to whether they will release a Skype for Business-Slack integration offering.

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  1. This just brings Skype up a notch when it comes to online messaging. I always thought that it lacked the collaboration element and now here it is.

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  3. Has any Slack user tried this? If so, how was it? A lot of these integrations are good in theory but sometimes disappoint when the rubber meets the road