Slack and Sales Cloud Launch Sales Elevate

The Salesforce State of Sales report reveals a surprising statistic: sales representatives spend only about 28% of their time actively selling. With the majority of their time consumed by administrative tasks, the duration of customer interaction diminishes, leading to slower deal closures.

In response, Slack, in partnership with Sales Cloud, unveiled a revolutionary solution tailored for sales teams. Named Slack Sales Elevate, it amalgamates Slack’s innovative platform with the potency of Salesforce data. This fusion will shift the real-time CRM data right into Slack, ensuring representatives spend their time productively by concentrating on selling.

Rob Seaman, the SVP of Product at Slack, remarked, “Bringing Sales Cloud into Slack and providing new sales productivity tools and automation in Slack helps sellers save time and access the right people and information to make better decisions.” He added that this integration emphasizes the paramount elements of sales: customer interactions and finalizing deals.

One significant challenge sales representatives often face is context switching, ranging from juggling between various tabs, devices, and apps. With research suggesting that sales teams utilize approximately 10 tools to seal a single deal, the demand for a unified workspace becomes evident. Slack Sales Elevate aims to centralize all essential components necessary for a sale, from metrics to team interactions, under one roof.

This new platform brings real-time customer data from Salesforce into Slack’s user-friendly interface and promotes a concentration on customer relationships to stimulate revenue growth. It promises improved visibility, enables sales teams to adhere to best practices, and offers monitoring features like reminders and metrics, all synchronized with Salesforce. Furthermore, the platform’s mobile accessibility ensures that reps can manage opportunities from anywhere at any time.

Real-time notifications stand out as one of the pivotal features of Slack Sales Elevate. Automatic alerts apprise reps of essential insights and updates, prioritizing tasks. While reps benefit from weekly reminders, sales leaders gain instantaneous access to CRM data, allowing them to remain abreast of their forecasts. This systematized flow of information, complemented by customizable notifications, ensures a collaborative environment where everyone remains updated.

Accuracy in sales forecasts is quintessential for success. Slack Sales Elevate addresses this by introducing an ‘Opportunities view’ that streamlines the process of updating sales pipelines. This feature ensures that updates synchronize effortlessly with Salesforce, providing sales leaders with cleaner data for decision-making. A testament to its effectiveness, Slack’s sales team witnessed a remarkable 76% time-saving in opportunity updates within just a few months of deploying Slack Sales Elevate.

For sales teams to thrive, consistently tracking performance and opportunities is crucial. Slack Sales Elevate offers real-time Salesforce metrics, facilitating sales leaders to supervise deals and guide their teams more effectively.

Lauren Farber, Director of Business Operations at Roku, lauds the transformative potential of Slack Sales Elevate, emphasizing its user-friendliness and how it seamlessly integrates CRM into Slack, a platform that sales teams are already familiar with.

To sum up, Slack Sales Elevate offers small business owners a streamlined, integrated approach to sales, ensuring they spend more time selling and less time navigating through disjointed tools. The platform is set to redefine how sales teams operate, and small businesses should take note.

For those interested, Slack is hosting a webinar titled ‘Meet the new Slack solution for sales: Your sales productivity game changer’. Sign up to delve deeper into the potential of Slack Sales Elevate.

Image: Slack

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