Slack Literally Lets You Share Control of Your Screen for Team Collaborations

Slack Screen Sharing Lets You Share Control of Your Screen for Team Collaboration

A new Slack screen sharing feature is going to expand the platform’s collaboration capabilities by letting small business teams, freelancers and clients work together as if they were in the same room.

Slack just announced users can now invite their colleagues to write, code, design and simply work together from a shared screen to contribute. The new feature allows groups to get things done together on one platform without jumping between applications.

For small businesses and the fast growing remote freelance workforce, this means getting a high quality application that maxes out at $15 per user for a monthly service. So the cost will be affordable even for some smaller businesses.

Start Inviting Your Colleagues

As with other features Slack has been adding, all it takes is a simple click of a button to initiate the new collaboration feature. In this case, the “share control of your screen” button from a Slack call will give the people you want to collaborate with their own cursor.

Once they get it, they can type, edit, scroll, and click through what is being shared on the screen.

Users that are not in control can temporarily draw over the shared screen to highlight a particular point. This includes changing a number, cells on a spreadsheet, words in a sentence or anything else. And just like any Slack call, you can even add an emoji reaction. 

Uses for Slack Screen Sharing

During the beta test, companies have been using screen sharing across a variety of industries. An example Slack gives on its offial blog is Zapier, explaining the company”Relies on interactive screen sharing so that two or more individuals can work together triaging bugs and responding to customer tickets.”

You too can bring your small business workforce together and collaborate with interactive features whether they are in the field, at the office or home.

If you want to try the new interactive feature, you have to be on a paid plan running the latest Windows desktop app or the direct download version of the Mac desktop app.

Image: Slack

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