Small Business Entrepreneurship Examined

Are you a small business entrepreneur? What kind of information do you need to grow and improve your existing business or perhaps even start a new one. Here are some resources we hope will help and some news for entrepreneurs today.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs remembered. With the passing of the visionary entrepreneur behind the rise of Apple, Ramon Ray shares these thoughts about Jobs’ legacy especially where consumers, mobile computing and small business are concerned. smallbiz technology

The entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. It’s hard to think of Apple as a small business, but it was at least a startup once. Small business owners and entrepreneurs looked to visionary Apple leader Steve Jobs for inspiration about blazing their own trail and were seldom disapppointed.

Entrepreneurship & Economy

Double-dip recession looms but… The ADP National Employment Report also shows 91,000 new jobs added to the U.S. private sector during September, not surprisingly with small business leading the way in hiring. Is your small business growing despite gloomy projections? Yahoo! Finance

The debate goes on. Scott Shane, professor of entrepreneurial studies at Case Western University and author of The Illusions of Entrepreneurship, and William Dunkelberg, chief economist at the National Federation of Independent Business, square off on the much asked question about whether small businesses really lead in job creation. Bloomberg BusinessWeek


Credit crunch revisited. As the debate goes on about whether the greatest challenge facing small business growth is availability of financing or lack of demand, there’s evidence small business lending is coming back, but troubles remain.Wall Street Journal

Courting your local lender. If you want financing for your small business but aren’t sure how to approach the issue, there are some simple tips you may not have considered. Here are some simple ideas that will change the way you approach your bank for the money you need. Bloomberg BusinessWeek


Small business demographics. What group makes up the majority of small businesses and entrepreneurs in your city? Would you believe that in NYC most owners are immigrants? Huffington Post

Why customers still shop local. Despite increased competition, including from the Internet, and a difficult economy that has consumers in a saving mood, many still shop at local businesses, according to a recent survey. But understanding why could be important to all small businesses. Reuters


Making it easier to access capital. Bills aimed at making funding of small businesses easier including provisions for techniques like “crowdsourcing” which allow entrepreneurs greater funding flexibility. But will this legislation help small businesses as promised? WSJ

Healthcare reform: What small business owners really think. Some small business leaders andorganizations have been quite vocal in opposing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. But what does the average small business owner think of the law? Here are a few thoughts. Open Forum

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