Small Business Events and Resources Abound

Small business events are a great way to get out and network and are among some of the other resources we present in today’s roundup. Be sure to check out the opportunity just for Small Business Trends readers at the top of the page. We hope you enjoy the post.


7th Annual Small Business Summit. Small Business owners and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to take part in an exciting event tomorrow, and we have half off tickets for the first 50 lucky Small Business Trends readers. Be sure to register for your chance to win. Small Business Trends

Austin festival bids for startup audience. It’s been a popular draw for tech startups in the past, but today this music, film and interactive media festival is courting entrepreneurs with a vengeance. It’s exciting to see yet another event make room for small business owners. WSJ


Have an overseas business? You may not need to file the new 1099-K tax form from the IRS this year if you live outside the U.S. and have no domestic address. For others routinely receiving payments from eBay and Amazon, thisbis just one more thing to think about. Bloomberg Businessweek

Local small business loans. A chance at gaining funds once denied them is what the local small business community have hoped and waited for. The alternative program raises possibilities previously out of reach for many small business owners. Small Biz Survival


The key to online business success. It’s also the key to all kinds of business success right now and we don’t intend to ruin the surprise, so forget it! Instead, follow the link above to learn whether you’re ready to take your internet entrepreneurship to the next level. Copyblogger

A business plan for your blog? Yeppers! And if you want to succeed, you’ll get one too. If your blog is a business, treat it that way! How will your blogging become a tool for improving your small business efforts? Create a plan for your blog and find out. ProBlogger


Avoiding social media disaster. Social media can obviously be a very positive force for small businesses, but the opportunity for things to go very wrong is also ever present. Here’s a look at the darker side of small business social media and how to cope. Buzz Small Business Magazine

Avoiding solopreneur isolation. Another danger for small business owners, especially solopreneurs, is the isolation that comes with going it alone. Remember that while you may be a one person show, it’s critical to get out there and make the contacts that will also grow your small business. Dr. Shannon Reece


A Trademark lesson for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs creating new proprietary products may recognize the value of trademarking that unique process or product. Here are some more ideas for protecting your intellectual property beyond the Trademark process. Fabian IP

A big lesson in small business branding. No, you don’t have to be Starbucks to need a logo design. The reason is branding and these days it can be just as important and just as powerful for small businesses as it is for the big guys. Learn more about the importance of a logo to further boost your brand identity. Keep Up with the Web

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