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Protecting your personal assets is extremely important when you start a new business. And the business structure you select will determine just how much you will put your personal assets at risk. Titled, What Business Structure is Right for You? CorpNet is going to be holding a webinar on Apr 28, 2021, 02:00 PM Eastern Time, to share some invaluable insights on business entities.

The CEO of CorpNet, Nellie Akalp along with the Founder and CEO of Small Business Trends, Anita Cambell will shed some light on the often confusing subject of business structures. The knowledge you gain from this webinar will protect your personal and business assets as you establish your new venture or change your existing enterprise.

Some of the subjects they will be addressing are:

  • The many benefits of incorporating a business or forming an LLC
  • Why the Sole Proprietorship of Partnership offers no liability protection for business owners
  • Details on the Limited Liability Company (LLC) and why it is so popular among business owners
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the S Corporation vs the LLC and what is best for which types of businesses
  • Insight on the C Corporation and which types of businesses benefit from this entity


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