Small Business Happenings and Other News

Small business happenings are just around the corner. Check out some of the top events for small business owners and entrepreneurs coming up before year’s end, then dive into more small business tips and news in this Small Business Trends roundup:

Events & Tools

Small business happenings you just can’t afford to miss! Whether you’re looking for the chance to brush up on the latest business trends or the opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs, one of these small business events might just fit the bill. Small Business Trends

Too trepidatious for tech? Or maybe you think your budget is too tight? Take the fear out of using new technologies (or spending on them) by learning about some of the latest apps and interfaces from marketing ninja and early adopter Kelly Paull. Personal Branding Blog

Tips & Trends

They say models are attractive. Business models, that is. Make sure you have one, know it intimately, and spell it out in your business plan so potential investors can see you’ve thought out your path to profitability. Youngentrepreneur

The road to success is paved with—stop signs? That’s what entrepreneur Marty Coleman, a.k.a. The Napkin Dad shared at Blog World Expo. These six signposts on the creative path are chances to stop, draw strength, and reevaluate choices on your small business journey. Small Biz Survival

Internet & Innovation

No respect for authority? Well, you’ll find you have a whole lot of respect for Web authority after you take a look at this amazing infographic on the “Authority Building Machine” by Vertical Measures. Smallbiz Technology

From “downturn” to doing well. See how the winner of The Wall Street Journal’s small-business innovation competition beat the dodgy economy with ideas, innovation, and a new definition for the word “customer”. The Wall Street Journal

Marketing Metrics

Looking for a new relationship…in marketing? Mari Smith, social media maven and author of The New Relationship Marketing shares insights on how “it’s all about the people”, both online and offline. Get Busy Media

Superhero of sales saves small business day! Look to these five focus points when faced with roadblocks to better sales, and see how you can go from “Soupy Sales” to success. Entrepreneur

Branding & Customer Service

What’s the difference? Actually that’s for you to decide, whether your business is trying to stand out from the crowd to nab that choice bid, or whether you’re looking for an edgy niche to vie with competitors offering similar products or services, see how you define the difference. Get Your Business to Work!

Once more with feeling. Providing a recap of your prospect’s situation shows that you’re interested, listening, and engaged. It may sound second-hand, but this deceptively simple method can help make the sales you want. Growth University

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