Small Business Haters and Other Challenges

Yes, there are challenges in being a small business owner, and especially when your business is online. Take the online hater, for example. But don’t worry! We’ve got some tips for you and some ideas on handling other small business challenges online and off up ahead in our Small Business Trends roundup.

Dealing with Cyber Bullies

Nine ways to deal with online haters. Anonymous cyber bullies are no fun to deal with. That’s for sure. But consider these simple solutions to get your favorite online hater off your back for good. Business On Main

Join our tips for dealing with online haters #Contest. Here’s your turn to get involved. If you have some suggestions, either ones you’ve used in the past (or ones you’ve wanted to!) now’s the time to share. The best suggestion wins a $100 gift card from Amazon. BizSugar Blog

Reaching Your Customers

Tips for getting your product out there. It doesn’t matter what your business sells, getting your product into the hands of customers is job one. And sometimes, as author Scott Sigler knows, that’s even if you need to give it away for free. Yahoo! News

Breaking down a big dream. Entrepreneurs are renowned for having really big dreams. But execution is another matter all together. How can you break down your big idea into little ideas that can be accomplished easily before moving on to the next? Create Hype

Social Media & VAs

How to master social media. Social media is much more than simply a tool. It’s a skill set that small business owners today, particularly those running online businesses, must master if they intend to take their businesses to the next level. Site Prebuilder

The right virtual assistance for 2012. Whether you will need virtual assistance or would like to find a way to offer it, here are some skill sets that rank highly in the field to date. They are either skills you might seek to procure or provide depending upon your business. The Work At Home Woman

Business Model & Culture

In search of a business model? Some businesses are missing that all important point. They have a great product or service, but can’t figure out how to make a profit from it. This is a business model problem. Startup Professionals Musings

Creating the right business culture. It’s not as easy as you might think to create the kind of company people will actually want to work for. A couple of lunch sessions like the one suggested here may get you on your way though. Get Busy Media

More Business Tips

Customer service is key. Customer service is hugely important for your small business, both starting out and in the long run. Realize that customer service will create the impression others have of your business over time, and tend to it accordingly. Small Business Bonfire

Promoting that seasonal business. There are businesses that are only open for part of the year or have certain times of the year where they are busiest. So, what about your seasonal business? Do you remember  to let customers know it’s that time again. Bloomberg Businessweek

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  1. A great list of blogs to help small businesses online – especially dealing with Cyber Bullies which I see more and more of lately

  2. I loved the VA article from the work at home woman. Knowing that there are people out there that I can pay to do social media and book marketing is fantastic. Thanks for the post.