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Leadership can be a key quality in small business operation. Unlike the corporate world, there may be no policy to follow but your own, no sure path to success but the one you create. Have you cultivated the skills of small business leadership? Read on to learn more.


6 ways your small business can steal customers from big brands. When you have a small business and have to compete with one or more large businesses, it is easy to be intimidated. You must emphasize the advantages your small business has over your larger competition. Suggestions are given on how to compete and take business away from large companies. Small Business Trends

The Farmers’ Market: a small business boon? In the small business world, creating and nurturing one on one relationships with your customers can be a difficult but highly profitable and satisfying experience. Your local farmers’ market is an excellent example. Your customers come to you. They get to know you and your products.  People who get to spend more time with you are far more likely to buy from someone they have come to know and like. The Boston Globe


Four ways starting a 401(k) can help your small business. Starting a 401(k) can be a good benefit to you, your small business, and your employees. It is one of the best benefits you can offer because its ratio of financial gain to cost is great. It also has an additional benefit in helping to attract great employees who will stay with your company. This also lowers your costs by reducing monies spent on training new employees. Forbes


Free internet security for small businesses. Until recently, most free Internet security programs have been only available for home or personal use. Today however, there are several firms beginning to offer free Internet security to small businesses. A few of the about 15 systems are discussed. PC World Business Center


Do you lead with intellect or emotion? There are two types of leaders–those who don’t get emotional but can dispassionately remove themselves from the situation or problem and those who get emotional and take the “sleeves-rolled-up” approach. All leaders have characteristics of the two types, but one type is dominant. The successful leader knows how to use each style  and when.

How to tell the boss you’re too busy. Some small business owners and some of their workers are too busy to know that they’re too busy. When you finally figure it out, you should be able to explain this to your boss. Approach the matter constructively and do not become argumentative. Ask your boss for help in prioritizing your responsibilities. There are five points listed to help you prepare. eHow Money


Business planning as a management tool. While many business owners might argue they’re really not important and others that they are the least interesting part of entrepreneurship, the fact is that, if for no other reason, the business plan is important as a management tool. How will you set measurable results for your business? Bplans

Customer suggestions can help you build your business. If you want to increase sales and build your business, there is probably no better way to get started than to ask your customers. Customer suggestions can be a great way of learning what your customers expect from you and giving them more of it. Angel Business Advisors


Tips for business funding. One of the most important aspects of running a successful business can be finding the funding to start and operate one before you are turning a profit. Here are some tips on how to go about getting the money you need. Open Forum

New Twitter tool for small business. If you own and operate a business, you already know the value of Twitter, but a new Twitter Web analytics tool may make the micro blogging platform even more beneficial for small business owners. Want to know more about what this tool is and how it works? Follow the link above. E-Marketing Associates

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