Small Business Lessons From Recession

As a small business owner you should always be in learning mode, even when those lessons come from an unpleasant source…like the recent recession. Keep your focus positive. Some of the most important lessons you will learn as an entrepreneur come out of tough times and can allow you and your business to come out more profitable and productive than ever.

Finance & Startup

How the recession helped this small business. Mimi Bullock has had a rough time keeping her business and her personal life afloat as a result of the downturn, but in the end she believes the experience has made her a better businessperson and wiser financially in her personal life. Yahoo! Finance

Don’t forget to bootstrap. The technique of starting a business with little or no money and then growing it usually using nothing more than revenues is nothing knew, but it’s worth consideration at a time when funding can be difficult. Let your customers provide your investment. Feld Thoughts

Branding & Marketing

How brand equals revenue. Choose the right one and you’ll build your business no matter what the financial crisis. Choose the wrong one and you’ll suffer the consequences. Don’t make the mistake of believing that branding is simply a frill. Personal Branding Blog

Google changes that benefit us. The small business community will want to take a serious look at some of the most recent changes at the search engine. Here is an overview of how and why they may impact you. Are you making the most of your business online? Sound Web Solutions Blog

Why marketing can change your company. No matter what medium, many businesses complain about marketing that doesn’t work instead of finding marketing that works better and figuring out how to use it successfully. If you want to grow your business no matter what, marketing IS the answer. Two Hat Marketing

Human Resources

Employees can make or break your business. Having employees truly engaged and doing their jobs effectively does more than increase productivity. It can boost your business in ways that are difficult to even quantify. So here’s how to make sure your staff is on board. YourOfficeAnywhere

Getting good help can be the key. If great employees are the key to success, even in a tough economy, then there’s good news and bad news with the end of the recession. While many may remain out of work, small businesses complain hiring qualified workers is still a challenge. WSJ


Channeling the creativity within. As entrepreneurs, we know that the starting point for success with any business is our own energy and focus to bring our venture to reality. Some business owners may under value their personal contribution to business success. Here are some tips to reconnect.

Online Presence

Working on your online sales. With online sales still on the rise, a good way to boost your business earnings quickly and easily is to improve how you do business with customers on the Internet. Here are some tips to improve your visitor’s sales experience. The Lunch Pail

Appealing to online/mobile shoppers. Your potential customers will be online or mobile this Christmas season. How much of their business you receive will have to do with your ability to connect with them there. Do you have an online/mobile marketing plan? GrowSmartBiz

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