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Small Business Trends Magazine inspires and influences business owners and startup entrepreneurs. With its combination of trusted content complemented by relevant advertising, it appeals to the reader’s desire for business knowledge, in an in-depth immersive experience.  

A self-contained publication, the digital magazine can be read online in electronic flippable form. Or it can be downloaded as a PDF document. It is also printable by the reader on his or her office printer. This format means readers have something to circulate physically to their teams should they choose, or to refer back to again and again.  

Why Advertise in a Digital Magazine

Magazines, according to one study by Nielsen Catalina, have the highest return on advertising spend of all forms of advertising. Benefits:

  • Digital magazine readership is growing. According to the Association of Magazine Media’s 2017 Factbook, digital readership grew 27% from 2015 to 2016.
  • An educated, affluent audience. Digital magazine readers are “upscale, educated, professional - managerial and young.” 
  • Long shelf life. Research shows that people read back issues of magazines many months after publishing. Readership accumulates over time. 
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Ads are Easy!

"When I started this magazine, one of my goals was to make it easy on advertisers. If you don't have an ad graphic, we'll create a magazine advertisement free of charge using our simple yet elegant template. All we need from you is your logo, message and a product image. Or feel free to provide a custom ad graphic of your own. It's your choice."

Anita Campbell 


Each edition of Small Business Trends Magazine covers a content theme, with the emphasis on evergreen content. Past editions have covered topics such as sales, staffing, finance, business travel and the cloud.  

We also can do a custom topic of your choice, as part of a full-magazine sponsorship. 

Distributed directly and through partnership with Meylah to 80,000. Also available through to its network of 125,000,000 professionals. 

See Editorial Calendar for upcoming themes.  

Ad Sizes and Rates

2018 Magazine Rate Card 

  • 1/4 Page Ad -- $490 
  • Half Page Ad -- $990 
  • Full Page Ad -- $1980 
  • Sponsored Magazine Article (400 words) - $2900 
  • 2-Page Spread - $3400 
  • Full Edition Sponsorship - $10,000 

Rates good through 12/31/2018. Frequency discounts available. Ad agencies, please inquire. 

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