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About the Magazine

Our story started in 2003 when our founder, Anita Campbell, had a vision. She wanted to create a digital destination packed with practical resources for small business owners. A space with high editorial standards and well researched, reliable business  information. A go-to source for practical small business advice.

Soon she was joined by a team of dedicated business experts, professional editors and talented writers.  

A large community of small business people just like you were attracted to the site. Year after year, the community grew. Fast forward to today. Small Business Trends has created a vast library of 25,000 articles. And now we have collected the best of our best for you, assembled into digital magazines.

We’ve made it convenient and portable for you to delve deep into a particular topic while on the go. Enjoy! 

By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs

magazine for small business owners and entrepreurs

Our Editor, Joshua Sophy

Meet our magazine editor, Joshua Sophy.

A journalist with 20 years of experience in traditional and online media, Joshua leads the magazine’s operations.

Joshua got his start in the rough-and-tumble newspaper business of Pennsylvania’s coal region, first as a sports writer and later as a beat reporter covering daily news. He eventually founded his own local newspaper, the Pottsville Free Press.

Joshua is a member of the Society for Professional Journalists. He studied professional writing at Waynesburg University. Joshua is pictured enjoying curling, one of his favorite passions.

He is backed by an experienced and professional team of business experts and writers. Meet more of our editors and journalists here.

Professional, Experienced

Small Business Magazine

Behind the Scenes

We use a 3-step process to create the Small Business Trends Magazine. We:

  • Choose the perfect topic for each edition.  We try to anticipate your most pressing business questions and answer them.
  • Assemble and produce the magazine.  In today’s age where entrepreneurs are buried under content, we aim to carefully select the best and most relevant pieces from our content library, so you and your employees don’t have to do the digging.  We also design a compelling cover that visually conveys the topic at a glance.  
  • Publicize the magazine. Content may be king, but promotion is queen. We use social channels, email marketing and our site to alert readers when a new digital magazine is up.

Here at Small Business Trends Media we are running a small company, just like you. So efficiency is always top of mind. We continually look for tools and technology to make the job go faster and help us work smarter. 

Since starting the magazine in 2015 we’ve evolved our production process to maximize results and leverage new trends. No more labor intensive laying out of content manually into magazine pages. Instead, we take advantage of technology to do the heavy lifting.  

We made the strategic decision to adopt a modern format for the magazine — one that recognizes how small business people consume content today. The magazines are now more like digital content collections, rather than printed documents. And they are more mobile friendly.

Who says you can’t start a small business magazine in today’s world?  You can. You just have to think differently.