Small Business News: 21st Century Tools For Entrepreneurs

The dawning of the 21st century has brought with it a staggering new array of tools, resources changing the very fabric of business as we know it. Though it may take some time to realize with many other changes on the horizon, it has been small business that has seen one of the most significant transformations. Leveraging their small staffs and budgets with the new power of the Internet and a new way of doing business as well, these entrepreneurs have changed what small business means and pushed back its geographic and other limits. You can join their ranks. Just check out what’s available to get you started.

Social Media

Will 2011 be a pivotal year for social media? One when most businesses stop asking questions about whether social media really works and starts trying to figuring our how the new medium can work for you. Social media does much more than elevate the importance of content in the marketplace. It also elevates the position of the customer. Construction Marketing UK Blog


Do you have a blogging calendar? Setting up a blog and getting started with a couple of posts is one thing. Committing to a daily or even weekly regime of posting? Well, that’s something else again. We hear all the time about the benefits of blogging for small business. But do you have the commitment to use this incredible tool effectively? HearldNet


How to transform your mobile communications. Blackberries and other similar mobile devices have become major players not just in the general consumer market but as special small business tools too. Just imagine the possibilities no longer tied to an office yet still being able to be productive while on the road. Here’s a look at the possibilities. click fire


Location-based technology comes into it’s own. Have you claimed your business on Facebook Places. Yep, just when yopu were figuring out the ins and outs of the industry leader in check-in software, Foursquare, the world’s biggest social media network is getting into the act. One thing’s for sure. Location-based software will remain a key small business tool for the foreseeable future. Catalyst Marketers

Google Place pages offer another way to market geographically. The search giant has taken a completely different path toward location-based tools. It’s Google Place pages are not check-in communities like Foursquare’s model now followed by Facebook but an online home optimized for local search. If you haven’t looked into this aspect of managing your online presence, it’s probably high time you got started. Duct Tape Marketing   


Tools for small business microfinancing. It’s perhaps interesting that at the same time small business financing has become tight from traditional sources there has been an explosion of microloaning sources for small business, many of the Internet. Check out this comprehensive list of sources to see if one might be right for you. The Frugal Entrepreneur


Video marketing tips for small business success. You’ve heard of the importance of online video to marketing campaigns, but (and forgive us if this sounds obvious) you need to get your videos viewed in order to have them become truly effective. Getting your videos viewed online, like many other aspects of online marketing, isn’t as hard as you might think. Basic Blog Tips


What’s your favorite app? John Jantsch is quick to point to Evernote, a productivity tool, but apps are all around and many can used as tools for your small business. No need to go app happy here. Just do your research, decide what would make your small business run more smoothly then look for the app that suits your needs. Duct Tape Marketing


Maximizing global search marketing. The Internet and the rise of search engines like Google have created brand new opportunities for small businesses never available before to target markets anywhere in the world. The key to success in this realm, of course, is to pick the right keywords (and the right country) where a market already exists for your product or service. SearchEngineWatch


Can the Obama administration walk the small business walk? Another less tangible tool supposedly being fashioned by our friends in Washington D.C. is a package President Obama insists will help drive small business development, entrepreneurship and innovation. But as is the case with other Washington small business measures, we can’t help wonder if it will really work. Market Watch

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