Small Business News: Big Branding Benefits

Branding is tied increasingly to success in business large and small. While branding might once have belonged more firmly in the realm of big business with larger marketing and advertising budgets, the Internet, social media and other tools and factors have changed this. From personal brands to individual branding for each of your products or services, many small businesses are realizing the degree to which branding is an important aspect of today’s small business environment. Join us as we review important lessons to master in this critical field for the modern entrepreneur. What’s your business brand? Don’t know? Read on…

Branding Basics

Basic branding with Twitter. One of the easiest tools to establish personal or business branding today is Twitter. The microblogging platform allows great flexibility with its 140 character posts. What you accomplish depends upon your strategy and approach. This Twitter Q and A tells you more. Personal Branding Blog

Branding misteps for companies large and small. Just as both large and small businesses now can take advantage of the power of branding, so both large and small businesses can be hurt by the simplest mistakes where their brand is concerned. A Starbucks re-branding this week showed how even the largest and most powerful of companies can suffer from branding missteps. What values are your brands communicating to your customers. Financial Post


Using social media for small business branding. Using social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.) is, as suggested earlier, amongst the easiest ways to create a small business brand on a par with larger competitors. Branding consultant Silvia Pencak shares some broader tips you may want to consider when using these tools to distinguish your business, organization, product or service.  Magnetic Look

Sending your small business brand global. One of the greatest potentials for using social media tools to brand your company is the possibility of sending your small business global. Before the Internet and social media, it took a big marketing or advertising budget and representatives around the world to gain global reach for your products and services. Here’s how to use the new media to gain a whole new kind of advantage. Reuters


Does integrity boost your branding?  Here are three pieces of advice for building your brand all tied to an integrity-based approach telling others more about who you are and what you represent. Elinor Strutz’s approach pushes it to the limit and demands some soul searching. But when you[re through you should have an honest brand representing your own values and built to boost the kind of business you most want to attract. Personal Branding Blog

New Year’s resolutions for small business branding. Forget about loosing a few pounds or getting into shape! While the new year is still young, make a commitment to loose those aspects of your brand that are not advancing your business and getting your small business brand and the message it sends to your customers in shape. Make a resolution to improve your brand with some simple tips. Logo DesignWorks


Interactive trends will change the way we position our businesses forever. Conventional advertising is dead. But a new breed of interactive advertising including mobile communications, daily online deals and an integrated approach to marketing has taken its place. What message do you want to send about your latest product or service and how should you go about communicating? SF Gate


It’s time to invest in your brand. Investing in your business is always a good idea whether it’s with time, money or energy, but here Kristen Marie Schuerlein is talking about something more. Investing in your brand, as explained above, involves figuring out who you are and what makes you different when attracting customers or clients. Kristen has five good reasons to invest in your brand today. We think you’ll find it worth the effort. SuccessBug

Success Stories

How product reflects your brand. Toronto-based Ella’s Botanicals reflects its values and commitment to locally produced, hand-made products with every bar of soap or bottle of lotion the company produces. Your brand cannot simply be a clever marketing campaign super imposed on a product that doesn’t match it’s image.

Why sharing useful information is often the best kind of branding. As Marc Kline explains in his post about the connection between branding and providing helpful content, “Remember that branding is not just about what logo you use and tag line you put on your email. These are good for recognition, but what impression or feeling people feel in seeing them is a far more important aspect.”  AWebber Communications

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