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Small business blogs have become a cornerstone of online entrepreneurship, but is blogging still an important consideration for your small business? We think so! After all, blogging is a great way to create online visibility for your product, service or brand and can be a great way to put a face and personality on your company too. Today’s roundup looks at the viability and ongoing state of small business blogging. What can it do for your business today?

Case Studies

Want more evidence business blogging works? Then read this post. Barry Meehan of Worldwide Cycles describes not only the dramatic impact creating a blog on his independent bike shop but also how he went about creating his business blog, finding content, establishing a voice and creating that delicate balance between promoting his business and not coming across as too salesy. He also uses Twitter and Facebook. BikeBiz

Three examples of successful B2B blogs. Business to business is another place where blogs can really deliver and you don’t have to look too far to find some good examples. See how a distributor of fencing and mesh, a chain management company and a corporate incentive program manager all successfully upgraded their online image with a blog. Business2Community


The five W’s of successful business blogging. No need to ask yourself any longer whether small business blogging will help your venture. It will, says Deborah Sweeny. And creating a successful blog may be much simpler than you think. Just answer these five basic questions and you will be well on your way to creating a successful blog that builds a powerful presence for your brand. Forbes


Want to know more about blog power? This insightful post is chock full of data not only about the businesses and brands already maintaining blog presences on the Web but about the number of blogs already out there and about the advantage they offer for those who use this powerful tool. If you have any doubts about the importance of blogging for your small business, who won’t after reading further. Australia businessreview

Social Media

Marketing your blog to a larger audience. Of course, one of the best things about blogs is the “foundation,” as UK construction marketing blogger Peter L. Masters describes it, that they provide to promote your message via social media. You can share your blog posts over a nearly unlimited number of social media sites once it has been published and Peter gives some specific examples here. Construction Marketing UK Blog

12 tips for boosting your blog. Learning to make the most of your blog posts while marketing them via social media is another important part of the equation. Created specifically for our sister site, here are 12 tips likely to improve the performance of your blogs posts whether in our community or on other social media sites. Hope it will help others master the art of marketing your blogging through social media.  BizSugar Blog

How to

How to master small business blogging. Once you’ve looked over the data and decided to give blogging a try, how do you get started? Learning to blog for your business is not as hard as you might think. This post gives those interested in taking part a simple step by step introduction that should have you up and bogging for your business almost as soon as you finish reading!


How to improve conversion. It’s all about the sales. We’ve said before that the power of blogs lies in the their ability to build your brand. But what most entrepreneurs really need from day one is sales. Check out these tips for improving sales conversion. How many could you apply to your business blog today to add to your business to business sales.


10 things to consider before getting started. Sure we’ve given you a lot to think about and now here’s some more. Before you start your business blog (assuming you haven’t done so already) check out Niall Devitt’s awesome tips for getting your blog right. Warning: don’t let yourself obsess over these and never get started. 🙂 Tweak Your Biz

Blogging dos and dont’s. Want to make a last review as you prepare to launch your small business blog. This blog will represent your business, so be sure to avoid any mistakes that could really cost you with your customers. In this post, Michele Welch gives us one more guided tour of the best and worst to watch for in your blogging efforts. Technshare

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