Small Business News: Doing Business With the World

Why settle for your local market when you could be doing business with the world. A survey shows small business owners are already moving in this direction at least in their thought process. What about you? Doing business globally has never been easier no matter how large or small your firm. Here is an overview of small business and the trend toward international marketing. Can you find your niche?

The Big Picture

Learning more about global exporting. A Website established by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the the U.S. Small Business Administration will answer questions posed by small business owners about exporting. The site, called Six Steps to Begin Exporting, helps small entrepreneurs decide whether they are truly ready to get involved in international trade.

Three tips for taking your small business global. Data indicates that 40 percent of the world’s small businesses are actively interested in getting involved with global trade. But how do you know whether your business is actively ready to make the leap to doing business as a global leader. Here are three tips to consider before taking your small company international. Mirror

Saudi Arabian SME’s among the world’s most confident. Where are the most confident and optimistic small businesses on Earth? Saudi Arabian SMEs, according to a survey by the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, are the most optimistic about potential for growth in the next few months with businesses from many countries in the developing world seeing much greater optimism in the coming months than similar businesses in  more developed markets. What does this mean to you? U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council

Success Stories

Forty-two percent of Malaysian SMBs already do business internationally. And a survey shows that half of these businesses plan to expand their international operations while another 15 percent of domestic businesses plan to take their operations global within the next two years. What factors account stronger small business global trade and how can conditions of stronger international trade opportunities for small businesses exist. The Star Online

How to turn a small business into a global leader. Entrepreneurs of a small British firm plan to turn their small semiconductor company into an international leader in the technology industry. But how does any company go from an admittedly innovative idea for a revolutionary product operating on a fairly small scale to a global venture with an unbeatable brand? Financial Times

The secret to small business global success. International success for small businesses doesn’t need to be sexy or high tech. Just check out the winner of the UPS “Growth through Global Trade Award” SteelMaster Buildings LLC for a picture of how successful international small business trade should look. Can you see your small business here and what steps should you take to make it happen? The Global Small Business Blog


Small businesses lead in cloud revolution. Small businesses, particularly those with between 1 and 99 employees, are leading adoption in cloud technology over larger firms and this includes the home business industry, an Arizona researcher reports. So who’s bringing up the rear? Perhaps not too surprisingly it is larger industry which seems content to rely on internal technology solutions despite cost savings that are spurring the small business growth. IT World Canada


China offers opportunities for clean-tech, green technology. Business opportunities for clean-tech and green technology businesses may have never been higher in China. Some high profile deals inked with the world’s second largest economy make it clear. Though these deals are certainly on the large side, an opportunity for U.S. companies including small businesses seems fairly clear. Read on!  ZDNet


First of its kind U.S. global business forum. If you want to learn more about growing your small business globally and would like to connect with a potential of entrepreneurs from 30 or more countries, it’s time to pack your bag and head for Kansas City for the first annual conference of Futurallia, a global business forum networking more than 800 small to medium sized businesses globally. For more on the three day event read the full story above. Bixby Bulletine


Can business lead on global climate issues? Yes, says Peter Paul van de Wijs, managing director of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and in fact even small businesses interested in improving efficiency can sometimes make as much or more of an impact together worldwide on changing behaviors towards the environment than public policy. Businesses have decided for themselves the importance of a more sustainable energy future. How can your business do its part and probably profit in the long run? The Sustainable Business Blog

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