Small Business News: Entrepreneur Tips and Tricks

Entrepreneurs must wear many hats. Here are tips for just about all of them. Mastering various aspects of your business is an important aspect of what you do. Keep learning. Keep reading. Let this small business news roundup from Small Business Trends be your starting point.


Awesome tools for entrepreneurs. The most successful entrepreneurs have the best toys. It’s not a question of having the most expensive or the flashiest. It’s a question of having the most useful tools to build your business today. Here’s a super list of the tools that will make you most efficient. Do you have any to share? EpicLaunch

Customer Service

Be sure you listen to your feedback. Brand consultant Isabelle Mercier Turcotte talks about one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship. This is knowing how to react to feedback, including negative feedback, to get your customers to keep coming back. Another tip is getting beyond price with customers or clients. LeapTV


Lessons in doing more with less. Entrepreneurs have elevated this to a near art form. In this particular post we look at saving space, a cost cutting measure that actually is beneficial in other important ways. Want to learn more about how sharing space with other entrepreneurs/businesses can benefit everyone? Open Forum


Falacies in entrepreneurship. There are may misunderstandings about entrepreneurship and how small businesses work out there. That may be fine for those not trying to start or run their own business. But for those of us involved in entrepreneurship, it would sure help to have a better idea of what’s going on. Here’s to separating fact from fiction. Enjoy! You’re the Boss

Finding your entrepreneurial truth. How do you become the kind of passionate, inspiring business leader you want to be? Maybe by asking yourself some questions about the truth that lies deep within you. Discovering the answers to some key questions about who you are and what you want from life can make all the difference in the world. After all, how can you push for your business goals without knowing more about what you want personally? Building Businesses Creating Brands


Tax basics for small businesses/entrepreneurs. Taxes are part of business AND everyone hates them. But understanding how to get them done is an important part of being successful in your business. With a set of instructions that sound like they came from a horror movie, Nicole Fende slashes the toughest aspects of doing your taxes down to a manageable size. Have a look if you dare. Small Business Finance Forum


Security tips for entrepreneurs. With so much of entrepreneurship these days happening in the tech sector and information entrepreneurship being a significant trend in that sector, securing your data and technology becomes an important issue. If you fail to take the steps to keep your business safe, everything you have created is at risk. Here’s how start thinking about securing your business.


How Google can affect your business no matter what you do. Changes in the search engine’s algorithm can have huge impacts on your business unless, of course, your business exists in some strange space completely seperate from the Internet. This post looks at the realities of what that reliance can mean. WebProNews


The future of entrepreneurship education. Check out this detailed coverage including a list of participants and the full panel discussion on video held at Future of Entrepreneurship Education Summit Feb. 18 at the University of Central Florida. It’s our belief that entrepreneurs of all ages should be interested in this issue. Drop by and give a listen. Youngentrepreneur


Trust isn’t just an issue with customers. In fact, it’s your team too with whom you must develop a level of trust. Think about how many aspects of your business will be delegated. Then think of the level of cooperation necessary to sustain momentum and create a business that works. How do you develop relationships that make these interactions second nature? It’s harder than it looks. Success Trek

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