Small Business News: Lessons In Entrepreneurship

Interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Or perhaps you already own or manage a small business and have been thrust into the world of entrepreneurship with the many hats this requires. Do you ever wish there was an easy training course or a simple set of instructions to follow when learning how to master this complex pursuit? Well, fortunately there is…sort of. It’s on the Internet in the form of tons of helpful articles and posts added to daily by those who have been there, done that. And we’ve collected some of the latest for you to enjoy.


What world disasters teach us about entrepreneurship. You may have the finest business planning, the perfect product or service, a dedicated customer base, but the most important lesson entrepreneurs can learn from world events, including the recent disaster in Japan, is that there are no guarantees. Uncertainties abound in life and in business, as Adam Gottlieb explains. The Frugal Entrepreneur


How YouTube has changed advertising forever. Though television advertising was once the gold standard in promoting a brand on the local, national or world stage, today all of that is changing. The shift is thanks to online video and, in particular, sites like YouTube which allow friends to share their favorite video, comment and interact with video advertising like never before. Want to learn more?

Why you should consider online video marketing. It is a low-cost option and allows plenty of opportunities to boost your brand and show your products on the Internet. In case you are trying to figure out how to leap into this exciting new medium, here is a complete guide to get you started. Of course, online video is bigger than just YouTube. Here’s what you need to know.


Tax facts every small business owner or entrepreneur must know. Taxes are a part of life for everyone, but can be especially tricky for entrepreneurs. Are you paying what your business owes? Are you paying too much? Knowing the answers to these questions can be immensely important to the success of your business. Here are some things you should know. Montreal Financial


There’s a new business idea out there. And it involves a couple of simple principles we’ve probably all followed since we were eight or nine. If you need something or need your business to grow, don’t go into debt. Small businesses are built one step at a time…slowly. Understanding the basic ideals of waiting on investments you can’t afford while making use of the resources you have will help you chart a new and better course for your business in the future. Big Bright Bulb

Getting the most out of a limited budget. Getting mileage out of limited resources can be a matter of pride among some entrepreneurs. And depending upon how much investment you have to start your business, it may be a necessity, at least in the beginning. But being on a tight budget does not mean looking like you are. Here are some simple thoughts for making your Website, for example, look like a million bucks even without a Web designer. Small Business Internet Marketing


How succeeding at small business is like potty training a child. An entertaining post that looks at the similarities between life’s great challenges from parenthood to entrepreneurship, this post will teach you the essence of making a business run successfully while putting a smile on your face as well. Are you overwhelmed by the challenges ahead in your small business. Many of life’s most worthwhile pursuits have their challenges. Here’s a look at two very different such challenges and what they have in common.


How new businesses solve problems…even ones caused by other businesses. For example, check out the story of DealsGoRound, an app inspired by “Groupon remorse.” Founder Kris Petersen had his own problem with the new online coupon company and created a business to solve it. Even great businesses don’t solve every problem. That’s where you come in. Fast Company


The key to business profit. Though certainly small business aim first at creating value and at serving customers, but let’s face it. Without a decent bottom line, it’s hard to keep the lights on and your staff paid so making money is also part of the game. But is making your business profitable something that can be mastered like learning a musical instrument? Entrepreneur Jason Fried thinks so and will tell you why.


Could a startup visa program boost U.S. entrepreneurship. Not only is entrepreneurship an important key to economic recovery but the U.S. may be the best place to do it. Legislation aims at offering visas to entrepreneurs who launch companies here that can create jobs. But how would the program work and how can entrepreneurs qualify? Bloomberg Businessweek

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