Small Business News: More Entrepreneur Tips and Tricks

Back by popular demand, our second day of entrepreneur tips and tricks here in the small business news roundup at Small Business Trends. These basic tips from some great blogs and other news sources on the Web should help you with your current entrepreneurial ventures or help you begin new ones yet only envisioned. We hope you’ll add tips of your own in the comment section below and thanks again for visiting.


Free online presentation tools for every entrepreneur. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to create presentations that will wow clients or potential investors. As this post from David Guzman shows, three fantastic presentation tools for entrepreneurs are available free online. So face that next presentation without worry. And with a presentation that rocks. Epic Launch


The best question to ask about your business. Is the best question for entrepreneurs to ask when starting a new venture about how to maximize profit while minimizing value or effort? If it is, maybe it shouldn’t be. In a world where the best products or services create fans who do your marketing for you, wouldn’t a better question be how much value you can provide? Seth Godin’s Blog


Tips for keeping your business in shape. Much of creating a successful business is knowing how to effectively market. A big part of that, however, is knowing how to stay motivated when marketing and creating a business. So, how do you stay motivated? Well, for John Jantsch, it’s a lot like exercise. Here’s his take. Duct Tape Marketing


The changing face of entrepreneurship. What does the average entrepreneur look like? What demographic does he/she fit into and how have these statistics been changing. This new chart from the Kauffman Foundation gives some insight. Among the interesting statistics? An explosion in Latino entrepreneurs. Have a look. Bloomberg Businessweek


Online marketing tips for your business. One of the key recommendation heard often is the increased importance of video in your marketing and branding efforts online. But this goes beyond just making a video for your Website into the realm of video conferencing and other important emerging trends. Online marketing is a key aspect of entrepreneurship and online video is now an important part of that equation. Small Business Internet Marketing


How Foursquare helps your brand stand out. There no longer any reason for a small startup to languish in the shadow of bigger even national or multinational brands. With online marketing including blogs, social media, SEO and more, the tools for marketing who you are and what you do has expanded greatly. But did you know one of the most important weapons in that arsenal is a check-in software that might not be first on any one’s list when it comes to branding? Sprout Social Insights


Things every entrepreneur should know about crafting a message. On a very basic level, marketing yourself and what you do requires the ability to tell others who you are and what you stand for, to create a branding message that builds your business. This is a critical step for any entrepreneur. And here are some steps for you to consider when deciding what form your message should take. Alara Castelle


A look at small business credit markets. If you are an entrepreneur about to launch a new venture, you may be interested in the availability of financing. Especially if your business model doesn’t qualify as a startup of interest to the VC or angel investment community and yet cannot be easily bootstrapped, here’s a look at the credit market from a broker and start-up entrepreneur who knows.

Search Engine Optimization

What you need to know about the future of search. We’ve shared before some thoughts on where search is going, particularly as it relates to the world’s largest search engine, Google, but here are some further thoughts looking less at what search marketing for your brand should avoid than what you should aspire to, a guide for getting noticed online. SiteStream


Gadgets for the solopreneur. Using technology to advance your business can give you a competitive edge even against much larger, well established companies with many more resources. Finding ways to compete has never been easier or more within a small business’s grasp. Look into some of the options that can lead to great improvements in your productivity and ability to compete. Rest assured, your competitors will.

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