In the News: The PRO Act has 61% of Small Business Owners Leery

You could argue the policies and laws congress puts forth are designed to help everyone, but somehow they never quite turn out that way. This week’s leading roundup article, 61% of Small Businesses Say PRO Act Will Destroy Their Business proves that very point. The data comes from a survey carried out by Alignable with a large pool of 11,606 participants.

The PRO Act is pending action by the Senate, with the Biden administration indicating it could become part of the $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill. So, why are 61% of small business owners not so eager about this bill? Here are two of the biggest issues that will force more regulations on small businesses:

  1. The PRO Act is pro-union legislation. The “PRO” stands for Protecting the Right to Organize. The PRO Act was passed by the House last month and is pending action in the Senate.
  2. The PRO Act would require companies to hire many independent contractors as W-2 employees. It would follow what’s called the ABC guidelines to define independent contractors.

If the bill passes, the impact will have a consequential effect on how small businesses operate.

The PRO Act,  The American Rescue Plan Act, as well as What Your Customers Now Want in 2021, are some of the articles that address the many issues small business owners face on Small Business Trends.


Small Business News Roundup – April 30, 2021

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What Your Customers Now Want in 2021

The biggest question that many small business owners are asking is what will my customer want now in 2021? Most companies were turned upside down during the Pandemic of 2020 and had to change their product or how it was delivered.

Harnessing the Unlimited Power of the Hybrid Workplace For Your Business

With news of companies including Microsoft and Google announcing their plans to return to the office, some businesses are putting a swift end to remote work. While organizations begin to initiate their return back to the office, business owners are faced with the decision of whether to continue remote work, return to the office full time, or implement a hybrid work model.

Where to Buy a Food Truck

Food trucks are everywhere. Looking to buy one?  You’ll need to start with a budget. Then decide on whether you want to lease, or buy a new or used food truck. You can buy one on eBay or Craigslist, but there are risks involved. Here’s a list of some of the best places to buy food trucks. You’ll also find a list of food truck cost considerations in this blog.

How to Stop SPAM Texts

Here’s the most important thing to know about SPAM text messages. Don’t respond. Not in any way. We all know about SPAM text messages. In short, they are messages from some entity pretending to be something it isn’t.

How Does Apple Pay Work?

Apple Pay has provided a mobile payment option since 2014. And it has steadily gained popularity in the years since. The convenience of paying with a mobile device appeals to a lot of consumers, along with the security benefits of leaving credit cards at home. So offering it as a payment option may help businesses increase sales with these customers.

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