In the News: Small Businesses Pondering Vaccine Passports

Dealing with Vaccine Passport Mandates

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio has mandated that all businesses there only allow customers that can prove they’ve been vaccinated. So, how are small business owners that are just beginning to see lights of hope after the economic challenges they faced this past year and a half dealing with this? As cities across the country, and indeed around the world, grapple with this issue, the legal case for following the orders or not is of big concern.

In this week’s roundup, Vaccine Passports – Should Your Small Business Require Them? is an article that has legal experts answer some of the pressing questions weighing on the minds of small business owners. From requiring employees and customers to wearing masks, to whether a business owner can demand employees to take a vaccine shot, and asking customers for proof of vaccination, the experts answer these timely questions.

The roundup also looks at how David Portnoy is extending The Barstool Fund beyond the COVID era, why offering free WiFi is a great idea, as well as the growing number of foot traffic in retail stores.

Small Business News Roundup – August 13, 2021

Here’s a look at the rest of this week’s headlines:

Remote Workers Say Half of Video Calls Could Have Been an Email

A survey of remote workers has revealed that many believe a significant portion of video calls could have been simple emails. Unnecessary extra video calls have been contributing to a big increase in video call fatigue over the past year, the research found.

New SMS Upgrade from Keap Includes Automation and Compliance

The new text upgrade from Keap lets small businesses send automatically triggered SMS messages. Clients and prospects who make a purchase, schedule an appointment or fill out a lead form get these follow-ups. It’s another way small businesses can take advantage of the text messaging open rate of 90%. There’s also a new text message broadcast feature.

Dave Portnoy Says The Barstool Fund for Small Business Isn’t Going Away

Dave Portnoy, founder of The Barstool Fund that helps small businesses during the pandemic, has announced he is extending the fund beyond the Covid era. Portnoy had been winding down the fundraising efforts as restrictions across the country began being lifted during the spring and summer. However, a change of heart was recently announced via Instagram.

Yelp Allows Businesses to Show COVID Vaccine Requirements

Yelp recently added two new features for businesses to let their customers know where they stand on COVID vaccine requirements.

Foot Traffic Up 60% to Small Business Retail Shops

With good business news in short supply these past 18 months, the fact that foot traffic is up 60% for small business retail shops is a huge sigh of relief. And according to Zenreach and its National Customer Foot Traffic Report, it is on the rise. Foot Traffic on the Rise The foot traffic report from Zenreach delivers a dependable snapshot of physical store traffic.

Can Employees Be Required to Get Vaccinated or Wear a Mask at Work?

As employees head back to work and customers shop at their stores, there is a lot of legal questions that can come up for small businesses as it relates to COVID 19. Can you require your employees to get vaccinated or wear a mask at work? On The Small Business Radio Show this week, Attorney Zane Smith says it all revolves around having a safe work environment.

Re-hired Employees are Often More Satisfied with Work

Finding the right individuals to hire is not without its challenges. In fact, with a growing army of workers resigning from their jobs since the pandemic struck, finding employees during the ‘Great Resignation’ is more challenging than ever. Henceforth, the subject of rehiring has been pulled into the spotlight.

Why Offering Free WiFi to Your Customers Is Wise

Growth-oriented business owners are always on the search for anything that can give them a competitive edge. That is why brick-and-mortar businesses that depend on foot traffic are increasingly investing in free and fast WiFi. They understand it is no longer an innovation but an expectation.

Knowing the Cheapest Days to Fly Will Cut Business Travel Costs

Saving money on business travel isn’t just about choosing the least expensive airline and finding the best travel site. Selecting the right days to fly can also make a major impact on pricing. Read on for a full guide on finding the cheapest time to fly for business travelers looking to cut costs.

How to Do Product Photography Or Pay Someone To Do It

Good product photography is a major part of successful marketing. Professional striking images bump your online and brick-and-mortar sales up. Here’s a guide to product photography for small businesses. And some tips on how to outsource your needs to experts who will provide good results.

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  1. Working remotely using video calls is indeed tiring in the midst of this pandemic. I hope that the situation will soon be conducive, so that we can return to work face to face