In the News: Don’t Miss Out on These Grant Opportunities if You are a Small Farmer

Grant Opportunities if you are a Small Farmer

If you are running a family farm or a small agriculture business, there are several grants available to help you with some financial relief. The goal of these grants is to help small farmers with money to cover the costs of running their farms. From feed to water, supplies, fuel, power, workers, and more the bills never seem to let up for small farmers.

While these grants are not huge, in most cases they are enough to address the pressing financial needs small farmers face. The Dairy Business Innovation Alliance (DBIA), Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center, and the Texas Young Farmer Grant Program are some of the organizations offering the grants.

It is very important to mention, make sure to apply early and follow the instructions for each grant. Whether it is a public or private grant, they often address specific pressing issues. So, you have to make sure you qualify and if you do, please apply.

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Small Business News – December 24, 2021

Here’s the rest of the week in small business news …

BurgerFi Introduces Patty the Robot to Address Labor Shortage

BurgerFi, provider of all-natural high-quality fresh food in an eco-friendly environment, has introduced a series of new technologies and creative strategies, including Patty the Robot. The innovative new offerings are designed to combat widespread labor shortages which have devastated the restaurant industry since the pandemic began.

Candy Cane Shortage Limits Supplies at Christmas

Candy canes have become as part of Christmas as Santa Claus and Christmas trees. But this year a shortage in peppermint harvest and COVID-19 related logistics problems means some stores will have fewer candy canes or none at all. This according to Fox Business.

Over 109 Million Americans to Travel During Holiday Season

Americans who had their travel plans dashed in 2020 are making up for lost times, with over 109 million people expected to travel over the holidays. The AAA predicts there will be overcrowded roads and skies this year, with air travel nearly tripling over 2020 figures.

Feel Good Small Business Christmas Miracles

The last couple of years have been hard on small businesses with the pandemic causing many closures across the country, but there are a few Christmas miracles around too to warm our hearts and give us hope for the future. Small Businesses Get a Christmas Miracle Here we share some feel good stories from small business owners at this special time of year.

Biden Vaccine Mandate Reinstated for Businesses with 100-plus Employees

The Biden Administration’s nationwide vaccine-or-testing Covid-19 mandate for large businesses has been reinstated by the U.S. appeals court after originally being blocked. However, opponents of the mandate intend to now ask the Supreme Court to intervene. The Cincinnati-based 6th U.S.

How to Get Your Small Business to Actually Use Your CRM

One of the tools that every small business needs but still so many lack is a CRM system (a customer relationship management system). Too much of the critical customer information still exists in the owner’s head or the mind of their salespeople. This is a problem since a computer is so much better at doing this than you are.

Consumer and Producer Price Index at Record Pace in November

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported the Producer Price Index (PPI) rose by 9.6% in November. This is the largest advance since 12-month data were first calculated. The increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), at 6.8%, is also the largest 12-month increase since the period ending June 1982.

Poshmark Seller and Instagram Influencer in Legal Battle Over Thrift Store Purchases

The legal battle between Poshmark seller Jade Myers and fashion designer/influencer Danielle Bernstein highlights intellectual property challenges cropping up between brands and online resellers/thrift shops. As reported by The Verge, takedown notices are threatening these online entrepreneurs as this type of business is experiencing a boom. The Poshmark Seller VS.

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