In the News: Keys to Pandemic Success Revealed?

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If you’re looking to get customers back into your store, new data suggests they want to at least feel safe there.

A new survey from NMI Research released this week revealed that a couple ways to do that are actually pretty simple. And the businesses currently doing these simple things are seeing customers come back in big numbers.

The solution: offer some simple sanitation products like hand sanitizer, show you’re committed to sanitary procedures, and you may want to think about offering contactless payment options.

These things, right now, seem to be putting customers’ minds at ease. And they’re proving to get people back out shopping again.

For more on the results of this survey, check out our article from earlier this week: Proper Sanitary Procedures and Touchless Payments Key to Small Business Success in 2020 Holiday Season.

And for the rest of the week’s big news for small businesses that you may have missed, check out our weekly news round.

This week’s roundup looks at the holiday shopping season, why Americans are using less cash, the speed of 5G networks and much more. Take a look at the articles below.

Small Business News Roundup for Dec. 4, 2020

Here are the stories making headlines for small businesses this week:

Adobe Data – Small Business Sees 304% Increase in Post-Thanksgiving Ecommerce Sales

The ecommerce sales for this year are expected to break records, which is what Adobe Analytics has been predicting. The 304% increase in post-Thanksgiving ecommerce sales by small businesses is prove positive of this prediction. But the Cyber Monday increase is just as impressive with a 501% surge compared to the October daily average.

Salesforce Acquires Slack

In a whopping $27.7 billion deal, Salesforce announced it is buying Slack. The combination of the leading CRM and enterprise communication platforms is going to, according to Salesforce, create the operating system for the new way to work. An all-digital world that demands tools to seamlessly bring resources together no matter where they are.

48% of Small Businesses Fear Closing for Good

Despite optimism during this holiday shopping season, 48% of small businesses fear they won’t make enough money during the rest of Q4 to stay afloat. This according to the Alignable Revenue Poll. The sobering number from Alignable’s recent poll indicates small businesses are still not out of the woods when it comes to a post-COVID-19 recovery.

This is the Real Reason Freelance Designers Thrived in 2020

The economic strain of COVID-19 is still being felt by millions of people across industry segments (some more than others). However, others are thriving, and freelance designers are some of the people experiencing a bright 2020.

Afterpay and Wix Partner to Offer Buy Now-Pay Later Payments for Small Business Merchants

Afterpay has partnered with Wix, to launch a platform that gives Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMB) solutions to offer buy now-pay later payment options for customers. With it, businesses can create, design, and manage their online selling activities. According to Afterpay, the platform will help SMBs boost their online sales during the holiday shopping season.

40% of Americans Use Cash Less Frequently in 2020

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, more than 40% of Americans say they use cashless frequently this year. This according to research data analysis by Comprar Acciones for the third quarter of 2020. When it comes to GenX the decrease in cash usage is down by 53% and it goes up to 64% for those with incomes higher than 150K.

How Fast is 5G? (INFOGRAPHIC)

From new laws to make the 5G network safer, to conspiracy theories suggesting 5G towers spread COVId-19, 5G is no stranger to making the tech headlines. The fifth generation of wireless technology follows previous generations of mobile tech. 3D paved the way for the launch of smartphones, while 4G allowed for faster browsing.

SMBfission Launches Tool to Assess Small Business Online Reputation

SMBfission has announced the launch of its Review Barrier Assessment, a free online reputation self-assessment tool. According to the company, the tool will help business gauge their digital presence as more businesses migrate to online channels. In the era of COVID-19 online shopping has come center stage as businesses look for capturing markets online.

Small Business Owners Less Satisfied with Credit Card Issuers, Mostly Due to Lack of Communication

A study by J.D. Power points to declining levels of satisfaction among small businesses towards credit card users in 2020. According to the 2020 Small Business Credit Card Satisfaction Study, customer satisfaction, loyalty or brand advocacy for credit card issuers have declined during COVID-19. This despite relief efforts put in place by card issuers.


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