In the News: Don’t Miss Your Chance for Grants of up to $25,000

Grants can be a lifeline for creatives because they give them the money they need to continue their projects. With these funds, they can try out new ideas, make new projects, and improve their work. This also includes small businesses that use creative tools in their workflow.

TikTok and companies like it provide grants to help entrepreneurs who also happen to be creators to help them be more productive and use their tools more effectively. Whether it is TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, or another company, make sure to keep an eye out for grants they provide for their users. The key is to check regularly and apply as soon as these companies announce the grants. This will give you the best chance at winning them. Good luck!

Partnering with creators can be an effective way to grow a business. And small business grants can help these initiatives go even further. Now, TikTok is supporting small businesses and creators through a new partnership. Find out more about this and other small business grant opportunities.

Small Business News February 16, 2024

Stay on top of the latest small business news with this week’s roundup.

Latest Fiserv Report Reveals Steady Start to 2024 for Small Businesses

In the face of fluctuating economic conditions, small businesses across the United States have ushered in 2024 with a promising display of resilience, as revealed by the January edition of the Fiserv Small Business Index.

2024 Aspiring Homeowners Report Unveils Determination and Strategy Shifts

In the face of rising interest rates and a challenging market in 2023, aspiring homeowners are gearing up with renewed vigor and strategic compromises for a successful home purchase in 2024.

How to Pick the Right Brand Name For Your Small Business

This week, The Small Business Radio Show talks to Alexandra Watkins, who is a leading and outspoken authority on brand names with buzz.

Mastercard Revolutionizes Consumer Protection with Generative AI Technology

Mastercard announced the integration of generative AI into its Decision Intelligence (DI) platform to combat the rising tide of financial fraud.

Fiverr Update Release to Transform Digital Freelance Landscape

Fiverr International Ltd. announced its latest Winter Product Release to redefine the digital freelance and agency ecosystem. This comprehensive update, the first of two slated for 2024, introduces a suite of innovative features and enhancements designed to elevate the working dynamics between freelancers, agencies, and businesses.

San Diego Restaurant Owner Faces Serious Charges in Tax and COVID-19 Relief Fraud Case

A federal grand jury in San Diego has brought forward a superseding indictment against Leronce Suel, a prominent restaurant owner in California.

Square Report Foresees 2024 as a Pivotal Year for Automation and Expansion

Square has just released its fourth annual Future of Commerce report, shedding light on anticipated trends in the restaurant, retail, and beauty industries.

Maryland Tax Preparer Receives Prison Sentence for Filing Over 1,000 False Tax Returns

Adis Smith, a tax return preparer based in Chula Vista, California, and formerly of Baltimore, Maryland, has been sentenced to 27 months in prison. Smith’s sentencing comes as a result of his involvement in preparing and filing false income tax returns that caused significant financial damage to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and, by extension, the United States taxpayer.

What is a Grant?

“What is a grant?” you might ask. At its core, a grant is essentially free money that doesn’t need to be repaid. Business grants serve as a viable alternative to traditional funding options and present a remarkable opportunity for businesses to secure funding.

What is a Grant Writer?

What is a grant writer? A grant writer, as the name suggests, is a professional who specializes in composing proposals that secure grants. Their responsibilities don’t just end at writing; they encompass extensive research to identify suitable grants.

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