In the News: Thousands in Grants Up For Grabs For Small Businesses

As a small business, you should keep an eye on available grants as they can provide badly needed financial support without needing to repay them. Grants can cover a wide range of needs, from startup costs and expansion to specific projects and research. Staying informed about grant opportunities ensures your business doesn’t miss out on valuable funding that can fuel growth, innovation, and stability.

Why You Should Be on the Lookout for Free Money

Are you a small business owner? Don’t dismiss grants as just occasional opportunities! While they’re not available all the time, staying informed about available funding can be a game-changer:

1. Strategic Windfalls: Grants aren’t a constant stream, but new opportunities pop up regularly. By keeping an eye out, you’ll be ready to pounce when a perfect match arises, fueling growth or overcoming hurdles.

2. Credibility Catalyst: Landing a grant signifies potential and attracts investors and customers. It’s a public validation that can elevate your brand and open doors.

3. Targeted Support: Grants often address specific industries, goals, or even locations. Find one aligned with your vision, and it’s like a customized boost for your unique journey.

4. Industry Savvy: Grant research keeps you informed about trends and government initiatives, helping you adapt and identify new opportunities ahead of the curve.

5. Invest a Little, Gain a Lot: Free online resources and workshops can equip you to navigate the grant world. The initial effort can unlock significant rewards, making it a worthwhile investment.

Remember, grant hunting is strategic, not constant. But by being proactive, you’ll be ready to seize the free money to move your small business forward.

Over the last several years, LegalZoom has partnered with the NBA, WNBA, and other groups to support small businesses through its Fast Break for Small Business grants program. And now, the organizations are launching the final application round, which will provide even more funds than ever before.

Small Business News February 23, 2024

In this week’s roundup, the IRS has raised the alarm for tax professionals nationwide regarding a sophisticated email scam to acquire Electronic Filing Identification Numbers (EFINs) by masquerading as reputable tax software companies. The SBA also announced it is celebrating the 200,000th graduate of its Boots to Business (B2B) program. For that and more here is the rest of the week’s news roundup.

Tens of Thousands Report Problems with Mobile Networks Thursday Morning

Nearly every major mobile network is reporting outages on Thursday morning. According to tracking at, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile users are all reporting issues with their mobile connections as of 9:30 a.m. Other networks like Cricket Wireless, Consumer Cellular, Boost Mobile, US Cellular, and Straight Talk all have users reporting outages, too.

Justice Department Cracks Down on $20M COVID-19 Relief Fraud Scheme

Six Texas men have been sentenced for their involvement in a scheme to illicitly secure over $20 million in forgivable loans through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), a lifeline established under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to help small businesses during the pandemic.

IRS Issues Warning to Tax Professionals on Rising EFIN Scam Email Threat

In a recently issued critical alert, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), in collaboration with Security Summit partners, has raised the alarm for tax professionals nationwide regarding a sophisticated email scam. This deceptive scheme aims to acquire Electronic Filing Identification Numbers (EFINs) by masquerading as reputable tax software companies.

SBA Celebrates 200,000th Graduate of Boots to Business Entrepreneurship Program for Veterans

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is celebrating the 200,000th graduate of its Boots to Business (B2B) program. This landmark event underscores the critical role of military-connected entrepreneurs in bolstering the nation’s economy.

The Secret to Building Teams That Work

Building successful teams has never been harder. With challenges of work-from-anywhere, flex-schedule and generational divides, business leaders bend over backward searching for solutions that work. They’ve tried everything from food perks and ping pong tables to endless team-building exercises and training—but unfortunately, nothing seems to stick.

SBA Launches Enhanced Equity Action Plan to Bolster Small Business Growth and Economic Equity

Isabel Casillas Guzman, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator, has unveiled an updated Equity Action Plan in a bid to foster inclusivity and economic opportunity. This initiative is set to transform the landscape for America’s 33 million small businesses and startups, particularly benefiting those from underserved communities.

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