In the News: New Grants for Your Small Business Across the Country

New Grants for Your Small Business

The one thing small business grants look to do is assist entrepreneurs on their path to success. And the public and private as well as individuals and organizations that provide these grants do this by helping a cause near and dear to them. Whether it is first-time business owners, women, people of color, or Veterans they want their funds to help these particular individuals.

In this week’s roundup, several grants fit that bill, starting with the Caress Business Grant. This grant is providing up to $5,000 to women of color along with a one time one-on-one intensive coaching scholarships. The other grants come from cities and counties across the country for a range of recipients with grants up to $25,000.  Read more to get details on these grants:

If you happen to live in New York or Texas, there are several grants available for businesses in these states. The grants in New York are providing everything from COVID-19 recovery to issues addressing tourism, child and daycare facilities, conferences, restaurants, and more. The grants for Texas also have a great mix for its entrepreneur residents. This includes grants for business and trade expansion, starting a business in Texas, restaurants, and young farmers. You can find out more with the link for each article:


Small Business News Roundup – February 25, 2022

Here are the headlines we’re tracking this week.

DocuSign and Zoom Announce Integration Partnership

Completing agreements from anywhere has just got a lot easier thanks to DocuSign announcing a partnership with Zoom Video Communications. DocuSign and Zoom Announce Partnership The DocuSign eSignature for Zoom will allow businesses and organizations to complete agreement processes using virtual, face-to-face signing experiences.

Can You Insure Your Cryptocurrency?

The global cryptocurrency market has seen rapid growth in transactions in recent years. With over 8,000 cryptocurrencies in the market, the overall cryptocurrency market cap is set at a whopping $2.05 trillion. According to Insurance Providers, each day over $91.5 billion in cryptocurrency is transacted across 455 exchanges, 154 counties, and 120 million Bitcoin transactions are made.

Black Entrepreneurship on the Rise, New Study Reveals

New research has revealed that entrepreneurship is on the rise, and especially so amongst Black Americans. Black Entrepreneurship on the Rise The multi-year Venture Forward study initiated by GoDaddy aimed to measure the local economic impact of online microbusinesses, described as small businesses that often originate as side hustles and typically have less than 10 employees.

Congress Considers Extending Small Business Bankruptcy Rules

Congress is considering the extension of Subchapter 5 in Chapter 11 bankruptcy to help small businesses. When you take into account the continuing effects of the pandemic on small businesses, this extension is essential. Extending Subchapter 5 to Support Small Businesses In 2019 Subchapter 5 was added to Chapter 11 of the U.S.

The Top Earning YouTube Gaming Accounts

A recent analysis of the top gaming accounts on YouTube has revealed the most popular accounts associated with gaming, with the top earner bringing in an estimated $76,555 per video from their 18 million subscribers.

Unforgiven PPP Loans to Small Business Total $28 Billion

Small businesses owe some $28 billion in debt as part of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The lingering debt includes loans made to small businesses since 2020 as part of the COVID-19 relief package that hasn’t been forgiven. The unforgiven debt is part of the more than $800 billion distributed over two years by the government to help small businesses keep afloat.

Consumer Reports Names Best Cars of 2022

Small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for buy a new car or fleet of cars for business purposes this year, may be interested in Consumer Reports (CR) top car picks for 2022. Consumer Reports Names Best Cars of 2022 CR, which has tested cars for over 85 years, selects the following cars as the best buys for 2022.

Trump’s New Social Media Site TRUTH Debuts on Apple’s App Store

As the country celebrates Presidents Day, former President Donald J. Trump has officially launched his Truth Social app on Apple’s App Store. The goal is to give users of any political affiliation the freedom to speak their mind without any censorship. On Monday morning, just hours after its official launch, it was the top download on the App Store.

Gas Prices in California Hit a Record High

Gasoline prices in California’s reached an all-time high this past week, topping out at $4.72 per gallon. And all expectations are for prices to keep rising here and nationwide. Gas Prices in California Reach Record High California already had some of the highest gas prices in the country.

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