In the News: Self-Employment is Best for Mental Health


To say the past 18 months with COVID-19 have been stressful for business owners is a huge understatement, which has shined the impact the pandemic has had on mental health. The 2021 Self-Employed Mental Health Report produced by Freshbooks in partnership with Mind Share Partners, sheds some light on the issue. And according to the report, people that are self-employed have experienced fewer mental health symptoms.

The data is in this week’s lead roundup up article, Self-employed Faring Better Mentally in Pandemic. The survey of 2,000 self-employed individuals also reveals 72% say their mental health is either “good” or “very good.” And a total of 85% of small business owners say self-employment is the best form of employment for mental health. This is despite the many challenges brought on by the pandemic. Only 10% of the small business owners say their mental health was very poor.

In addition to this article, this week you can take a look at how to protect your business from cyber attacks by reading about the partnership between McAfee and Visa as well as how to sell your domain names with GoDaddy’s List for Sale service.

Small Business News Roundup – July 16, 2021

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McAfee and Visa Form Partnership

As cybersecurity breaches continue to lead the news, McAfee and Visa have announced the formation of a new partnership. In this agreement, McAfee is going to offer internet security solutions to Visa Business cardholders. McAfee and Visa Partnership to Protect Small Businesses The goal of the partnership is to help protect Visa Business cardholders in North America and EMEA.

List for Sale from GoDaddy Simplifies Selling Unused Domains

If you have domain names you are not using, GoDaddy is making it easy to sell them with List for Sale. This is a tool/service that lets you sell any unused domain names you have easily and quickly as a GoDaddy customer. GoDaddy Launches List for Sale to Sell Domains The goal of List for Sale is to simplify the cumbersome process of selling a domain name online.

Online Craft Classes for Handmade Entrepreneurs

If you run a handmade products business, one of the best ways to grow your business is to offer customers new and innovative products. By taking online craft classes, you can not only create more products for your business, but learn new skills that can help you come up with craft ideas to sell.

How to Handle Different Communication Styles in Business

Have you ever come out of an important meeting feeling confused or frustrated? Was there ever an occasion where you found it difficult to explain yourself to a colleague or customer? When it comes to communication, there’s no one-size-fits-all style. All of us communicate differently and sometimes this difference can make matters difficult for your business.

Internal Customer Service: What You Must Know

Internal customer service involves everything an organization can do to help their employees fulfill their duties, reach their goals and enjoy their work. It covers how different departments communicate with each other and how individuals interact with their colleagues, subordinates and superiors.

How to Make a Photo Slideshow

Have you ever wanted to create a captivating photo slideshow? A photo slideshow can be a useful tool to organize and engage with your audiences by letting you deliver compelling stories. Through the use of photo slideshows, you get to provide information via images about your products and services while expanding your brand’s reach.

How to Fear Less and Sell More

You probably hate sales. You think it’s “low” or “beneath you”. Deep down you may believe if you have the best product or service in the marketplace, it will “sell itself”. More likely, you don’t like sales because you have a fear of rejection. On The Small Business Radio Show this week, I talk with Tom Stern who says he was the black sheep in a family of lions.

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