In the News – Zoho Bigin is CRM Software for the Smallest Businesses

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If you’re busy trying to get your business back on its feet, you probably don’t want to be bothered by much new technology. The time to learn it probably doesn’t exist right now.

But you’re going to need sales and the smaller your company is, the more unapproachable most of that technology is.

This week, however, Zoho released new CRM software called Bigin that’s designed specifically for the small businesses and even freelancers.

Zoho says it’s time for freelancers, independent contractors and micro-businesses to stop using spreadsheets to track customer interactions. And Bigin promises to function just like other CRM software, just without the big learning curve and price tag.

And it’s not a piece of software where you end up needing a fraction of its functions. Remember, it’s designed for the smallest businesses.

Check out our feature on Zoho Bigin here.

And for the rest of the week in small business news headlines, check out our roundup below:

Latest Small Business News Headlines

AirVote Uses QR Codes to Get Instant Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is now more important than ever because of how quickly it can end up online. AirVote has a solution that uses QR codes to get instant feedback from your customers so you can do something about it. With instant feedback you can identify a problem right away and solve it before it affects other customers.

Bigin from Zoho is CRM Software for Small Business and Freelancers

Bigin is new CRM software from Zoho. It lets small businesses ditch cumbersome technology to streamline and automate their sales pipeline. Bigin is for small and micro businesses. It works for smaller companies that don’t need bigger end-to-end CRM solutions. It’s a great fit for freelancers and individuals who want to manage their personal business pipelines online, too.

46% of Small Businesses Worry About Cash Shortages on Reopening

As businesses across the nation are gearing up to reopen, they are worried about doing so. This according to a survey by LendingTree. Nearly half of small business owners (46%) worry they cannot afford to resume normal operations following mandated closures to slow the spread of COVID-19. Upgrades Platform, Discontinues Some Legacy Products has announced new and revamped services to its platform infrastructure in a bid to improve its customer experience. The new offerings by the domain name registration, web site design and management services company come with improved pricing.

TransUnion Offers Small Businesses Free Employee Background Screenings in Minutes

TransUnion, the US consumer credit reporting agency, has launched free access to its ShareAble for Hires employment screening tools packages. The ShareAble for Hires package enables small businesses to conduct background checks on prospective employees safely, securely and within minutes. The screening tool is completely transparent and job applicants receive a copy of the reports.

Sean Covey Reveals How the 7 Habits Can Help Guide You During These Times

This is a once in a generation time of uncertainty for small business leaders. Owners are trying to navigate an ever-changing market while inspiring their team with an updated mission of their company. On the Small Business Radio Show this week, I interviewed Sean Covey, who is the president of FranklinCovey Education.

30% Reverse a Negative Reviews When Companies Respond

30% of consumers admit to reversing negative reviews once their concern has been responded to. Despite consumer demand to have online reviews answered by businesses, only 12% report that their reviews are often or always responded to. These statistics were unveiled by ZenBusiness’s ‘The Customer Is Always Right’ survey.

Google My Business Allowing Service Businesses to Book Appointments Online

Google My Business will begin allowing service businesses to book appointments soon. This includes allowing Google My Business merchants to add “online appointments,” “online classes,” or “online estimates” attributes to their Business Profiles. The more information a business can provide online to its customers, the better they can serve them.

The Remote Work Economy is Booming

The remote work economy is booming. A new infographic from nine2fivejobsearch reveals up to 50% of the American workforce could be working remotely. That number rose dramatically in recent months. At the beginning of the year, 5.3% of employees worked as full-time staff from home.

How to Learn New Skills Fast (INFOGRAPHIC)

One of the insights many people gained from all the time they had during the lockdown is how easy it is to learn a skill with today’s digital ecosystem. And the new infographic from Fast Online Master’s developed by Nowsourcing is going to teach you how you can learn these new skills fast.

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