In the News: DoorDash, UPS and Public Organizations Offering Grants of up to $10K


Public and private organizations are a great resource in supporting small businesses through grants. These grants often act as a lifeline for start-ups and enterprises facing financial strain. Public organizations, typically governmental entities at local, state, or federal levels, often allocate funds towards business development to stimulate economic growth.

On the other hand, private organizations such as foundations, corporations, and non-profit entities also offer grants tailored toward small businesses. These grants can be sector-specific, aimed at supporting businesses that align with the organization’s mission or vision.

At the end of the day, public and private grants provide financial support that help the sustainability and growth of small businesses. So, if you are a small business owner looking for some funding, take a look at these grants.

With grants of up to $10,000, everyone from DoorDash to UPS and communities nationwide with public funds are supporting small business owners. Whether it is struggling restaurants or startups looking to get going, don’t miss the opportunities that are now available.

Small Business News June 9, 2023

This week’s roundup includes several AI-related news to improve the efficiency of your small business, including tools from GoDaddy to boost growth and productivity. Find out what else is taking place in the world of small business below:

SpotOn Launches Exclusive Restaurant Point-of-Sale Hardware

SpotOn, a leading software and payment solutions provider for restaurants, recently revealed its latest offering: SpotOn Restaurant. This innovative solution is an amalgamation of top-tier restaurant point-of-sale (POS) software and a suite of proprietary hardware designed exclusively by SpotOn to address the unique needs of each restaurant.

U.S. Small Business Job Growth Remains Steady Amid Slowing Wage Increase

In a recent analysis conducted by Paychex | IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch, small business job growth in the United States showed stability in May, maintaining the same pace as in April. Meanwhile, there has been a noticeable deceleration in the growth of hourly earnings for U.S. workers.

Leena AI Launches WorkLM, a Large Language Model for Employee Experience

In a noteworthy move towards streamlining business operations and enriching employee experience, Leena AI, a conversational AI-backed platform, has unveiled WorkLM, a large language model built for enterprise settings. The application of WorkLM is forecasted to usher in a new era of increased productivity, efficiency, and workplace satisfaction.

From Leads to Customers: Streamlining Operations with the Right Business Software

Companies are constantly seeking ways to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency. One way of achieving this is by leveraging the power of the right business software.  From managing leads to converting them into loyal customers, businesses can benefit greatly from integrating software solutions into their workflows.

Netstock Launches AI Inventory Management Suite

Netstock, a supply chain planning solution provider, has announced the launch of its AI-powered Predictive Planning Suite. Designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), this cutting-edge solution offers comprehensive inventory management, enhanced visibility, and flexibility. The Predictive Planning Suite brings robust AI capabilities to SMBs’ supply chain planning.

AIAI Generator Launches Content Creation Suite for Small Businesses

Artificial Intelligence specialists, AIAI Generator, have unveiled their groundbreaking content creation suite, a platform that blends AI and SEO principles to generate engaging content, amplifying online visibility for small businesses. The intuitive platform delivers unique, high-quality content, ready for publication, through a simple three-step process.

GoDaddy: Small Businesses Turning to AI to Streamline Tasks and Promote Growth

As per the recent survey results from GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY), a company renowned for supporting entrepreneurs, small business owners are beginning to realize the enormous potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and are starting to leverage it, despite some hesitations about optimal utilization. The late April survey by GoDaddy, which reached out to 1,003 U.S.

GoDaddy Launches Generative AI Tools to Boost Productivity

GoDaddy, Inc. a leading provider of online solutions for entrepreneurs, has unveiled three new products and services powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI). These tools are specifically designed to streamline essential yet time-consuming tasks and thereby enhance business growth. GoDaddy’s U.S.

ByondPitch Launches AI-Based Remote Sales Meetings Platform

Tel Aviv-based startup, ByondPitch, is piloting an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform in Israel, aimed at transforming remote video sales meetings. The platform enhances sales conversions by providing sales representatives with a real-time playbook that combines advanced technology with the human touch to deliver superior customer experiences.

Walgreens Store Revamp Offers Small Businesses New Approach to Combat Retail Theft

A unique redesign strategy piloted by a Walgreens store in Chicago could offer small businesses fresh inspiration on how to tackle retail theft. The store, located in the South Loop area, now features only two open aisles for customer browsing. The majority of products are placed behind counters and can be requested via digital kiosks.

Breaking Down Instagram’s Ranking System: Insights for Small Businesses

In a move towards greater transparency, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri, recently provided detailed insights into the platform’s algorithm and how it ranks content across various sections of the app. This article explains how these updates are relevant to small business owners who are leveraging Instagram for their operations.

Apple Vision Pro Aims to Revolutionize Computing

Apple has once again surprised the tech world with its latest groundbreaking innovation, the Apple Vision Pro. This powerful device is not just any new gadget on the block, but a ‘spatial computer’, changing the way users interact with their digital content, which could be a game-changer for small businesses.

“Whatever”: The Most Dangerous Word in Small Business

Too many times in business, people around me respond with a single word: “Whatever”. Instead of a sign of flexibility, I see “whatever” as a non-caring response of a team that is trying to serve their customers and grow a business. They are not only abdicating the decision to someone else, but also no longer have any responsibility in the success of that decision.

Small Businesses Can Learn from Amazon’s Firm Stance on Return-to-Office Policy

Amazon employees recently protested against the company’s directive to return to office work, expressing concerns over the impact on their family lives and the benefits of remote work. Despite this, Amazon remains firm, maintaining that the policy has been good for the workplace and company.

Phone Calls Prove Crucial for Small Business Customer Acquisition

New data from Ruby’s 2023 call trends report unveils that phone calls play a pivotal role in attracting new customers to small businesses. The report underscores the importance of superior customer service in leveraging the phone as a potent tool for growth. Ruby’s five-year analysis, encompassing approximately 62 million calls answered for thousands of U.S.

Startup CEO Salaries Drop to 2019 Levels

As per the latest data from Kruze Consulting, a leading financial advisory firm for venture capital-backed startups, the average salary of startup CEOs has returned to its 2019 levels.

Amazon Unveils Fire Max 11 Tablets

In a significant step up in the tablet market, Amazon has announced the Fire Max 11, its largest and most potent tablet to date. The device, starting at just $229.99, offers a myriad of impressive features designed to enhance both entertainment and productivity, making it an attractive proposition for small business owners.

Justice Department Takes Action Against Job Discrimination

The Justice Department continues to set precedence against job discrimination, securing ten more settlements from companies that posted discriminatory job advertisements on a college recruiting platform. These incidents highlight the critical need for small businesses to abide by fair and non-discriminatory employment practices.

Tax Preparer Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy Charges

In a recent development, Georgina Gonzalez, a tax return preparer and regional manager of several tax preparation businesses in Columbia, South Carolina, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States. She was accused of creating and filing fraudulent tax returns, underlining the critical need for small businesses to employ trustworthy tax preparers.

Small Businesses Sold 4.1 Billion Products on Amazon in 2022

Amazon’s annual U.S. Small Business Empowerment Report has shed light on the impactful collaboration between the e-commerce giant and the country’s independent sellers, most of whom are small and medium-sized businesses. These sellers recorded sales of over 4.1 billion products in 2022, with average sales surpassing $230,000 on Amazon’s platform.

Adobe Releases AI-Based Co-Pilot in Photoshop

Adobe, the software giant renowned for its creative and business solutions, has announced an exciting development: the integration of generative AI capabilities into its Creative Cloud platform, starting with Photoshop. The newly unveiled feature, termed Generative Fill, is powered by Adobe Firefly, the company’s family of creative generative AI models.

AT&T to Boost Northeastern Pennsylvania with High-Speed Fiber Internet

AT&T, in conjunction with BlackRock, is set to revolutionize the digital infrastructure of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The venture, under Gigapower, LLC, promises to provide the region’s businesses and residents with access to AT&T’s high-speed fiber internet service, set to enhance connectivity across Scranton and Wilkes-Barre.

California Construction Business Owner Jailed for Employment Tax Fraud

A Berkeley-based businessman, Larry Kudsk, has been sentenced to a year in prison over employment tax crimes, sparking a pertinent reminder for small business owners on the importance of adhering to tax regulations. Kudsk, the owner of two construction companies, Kudsk Construction, Inc., and M. Gutierrez, Inc.

House Small Business Committee Releases June Schedule

For small business owners who are looking for some insight into their growth and capital access, mark your calendars! The House Committee on Small Business has just unveiled its June hearing schedule. The Committee, working at the intersection of government and entrepreneurship, has chalked out a series of hearings that are pivotal to small businesses.

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