In the News: Up To $50,000 in Grants For Storefront Renovations and More

Grants can breathe new life into your business. Upgrade your facade, improve accessibility, or enhance energy efficiency without taking on debt. Attract new customers, boost curb appeal, and revitalize your local community.

Grants can help you stand out and showcase your dedication while saving your hard-earned cash. Don’t miss out on this chance to invest in the future of your business and transform your storefront into a vibrant hub for your community.

Many communities are working to fill vacant storefronts throughout their commercial districts. Business closures, many affected by the pandemic, have left these areas with fewer storefronts and decreased economic activity. Small business grant programs are one tool that some states and communities are using to incentivize businesses to fill these spaces.

Small Business News March 1, 2024

This week, the roundup begins with news of the launch of a new funding competition to bolster the entrepreneurial skills of women veterans by the SBA. The IRS follows with a reminder to farmers and fishermen about the looming tax deadline for March 1, 2024. For these and more small business news, read the rest of the roundup.

SBA Launches Funding Opportunity for Women Veterans

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has unveiled a new funding competition to bolster the entrepreneurial skills of women veterans. This initiative is designed to empower non-profit organizations and private sector firms to offer specialized entrepreneurship training to this distinguished group.

IRS Reminds Farmers and Fishers of Approaching Tax Deadline

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has reminded farmers and fishermen about the looming tax deadline for March 1, 2024. This notice explicitly targets those who opted not to make estimated tax payments by January and are now required to file their 2023 federal income tax return and settle all due taxes by the upcoming Friday deadline.

Justice Department Seeks Injunction Against Ohio Tax Preparer for Fraudulent Practices

In a legal move to combat tax fraud, the Justice Department has initiated a lawsuit aimed at permanently barring Ohio-based tax return preparer Emmanuel Antwi, along with his businesses Manny Travel Agency & Business Services Inc. and Manny Financial, Insurance & Accounting Firm LLC, from the tax preparation industry. The civil complaint, filed in the U.S.

Instagram Expands Creator Marketplace

Instagram is taking strides to enhance the ease of collaboration between brands and creators. With the initial launch of the creator marketplace in the United States in 2022, Instagram provided a pivotal platform for these partnerships. Following its success, the social media giant is now broadening its horizons to include eight additional markets.

Adobe and TikTok Revolutionize Content Creation with Groundbreaking Integration

Adobe and TikTok have unveiled a pioneering integration, melding TikTok’s Creative Assistant into Adobe Express. This integration, announced on February 13, 2024, heralds a new era for creators, brands, marketers, and small businesses, enabling them to craft and disseminate TikTok video content with unprecedented ease and effectiveness.

Justice Dpt. Moves to Halt Operations of Florida Tax Preparer

The Justice Department has initiated legal action against Julius T. Price and his business, Price’s Accounting Firm Inc., seeking a permanent injunction to prevent them from preparing federal income tax returns for others. This move, announced by Deputy Assistant Attorney General David A.

How to File Taxes for the 2023 Tax Year

Wondering how to file taxes effectively? If so, you’re probably wondering the best way to tackle the process. Just like the saying goes, “The longest journey starts with a single step.” So, let’s take the first step with this essential guide for how to file taxes for the 2023 tax year.

Tax Decisions You Can Still Make for 2023

The 2023 tax year ended for calendar-year businesses on December 31, 2023. You closed your books and made resolutions for 2024. But there’s still one chore remaining that relates to 2023, and that’s filing a federal income tax return to report your business activities. While 2023 is over, it’s not too late to make certain tax decisions that can minimize your tax bill for 2023.

25 Small Business Tax Deductions- What’s New for 2023

You work hard enough to ensure that your small business survives, and you don’t want to overlook any potential tax deductions that can maximize your savings. In this article, we’ll cover the most important small business tax changes for 2023 and also provide information about solar energy installation credits and EV vehicle credits.

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