In the News: Community Grants up to $50,000 Availalble Now

Community grants support small businesses by providing financial resources necessary for growth, innovation, and sustainability. These grants can cover many needs, from startup costs and expansion projects to technological upgrades and staff training.

Community grants lower financial barriers and enable small businesses to experiment with new products or services, enhance their operational efficiency, and improve their competitive edge. This support fosters a thriving local economy, encourages entrepreneurship, and strengthens community ties by keeping businesses operational and vibrant.

As a small business owner, you should always keep an eye on all grant opportunities your community launches. As always, make sure to apply as early as possible to give yourself the best chance at winning.

From reducing income disparities to improving busy commercial districts, small business grants can benefit communities in numerous ways. That’s why several cities, counties, and local organizations have recently launched their own funding programs.

Small Business News March 29, 2024

This week, the news roundup begins with a warning from Malwarebytes about phishing emails that are flooding small businesses with the goal of stealing social security numbers. If you are a small business and self-employed tax filer, make sure to double-check the emails you open. For that and more, read the rest of the roundup.

Phishing Emails Flood Small Businesses Looking for Social Security Numbers

Tax scammers are inundating small businesses with phishing emails. Cybercriminals are attempting to trick the self-employed and small business owners into handing out their social security numbers. The scams are being carried out with just the email addresses of small businesses and self-employed tax filers.

The Biggest Mistakes Buyers and Sellers of Companies Make

I spend a lot of my time these days helping business owners buy and sell companies. Buyers and sellers are almost always not prepared for the process. For sellers, they are surprised when buyers call “their baby (the company) ugly.” They also many times overvalue what their company is worth.

Trump says Facebook Should Also be Banned if TikTok Bill Passes.

It’s not just TikTok that could be in jeopardy due to the highly contentious proposed bill, which could see the much-loved video-sharing platform banned in the United States. Facebook could be, too, at least if Donald Trump has his way.

Plumbing Shortage Crisis Means Great Opportunity

Young people are shunning plumbing as a career option. The number of plumbers retiring is outweighing the number of new plumbers. Research commissioned by bathroom fittings manufacturers, Lixil Americas, shows that the shortage of plumbers in the United States cost the economy around $33 billion in 2022.

Keeping Up with Federal Employment Law Regulations

Federal regulations are intended to be an interpretation by administrative agencies of laws enacted by Congress. To say that regulations are out of control is an understatement. According to the 2023 Ten Thousand Commandments report, in the previous year, Congress enacted 247 laws, while agencies issued 3,168 rules.

Ride the Boom: How to Start a Home Inspection Business

The real estate market is continuing to boom, and with it comes the need for home inspection business owners. The best home inspectors have a blend of characteristics. They must have an entrepreneurial spirit, technical skills, expansive knowledge of house systems and construction, and meticulous attention to detail. The home inspector is a key component of the real estate sales system.

From AI to 5G: How Small Business Owners Are Using Technology to Succeed

From AI to 5G, today’s businesses have access to more technology than ever before. So, how can you tell what tools and innovations are worth your time? Check out insights from members of the online small business community below. Learn How to Edit YouTube Videos Whether you want to launch an entire business on YouTube or just use it as a marketing channel, editing videos is a vital skill.

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