In the News: Grants up to $50,00 From Amazon, Progressive and More


Grants from large corporations and public entities can work together to help small businesses grow and succeed. These grants provide money for important things like new equipment, marketing, and training staff. When big companies and government groups join forces, they offer more resources and support. This helps small businesses improve their services, reach more customers, and create new jobs.

Here are some grants from large corporations and public entities available now nationwide.

Large corporations sometimes offer small business grants to support potential customers and gain some positive attention. Recently, a few big names like Amazon and Progressive Insurance have launched new funding rounds to support small businesses. Read about these programs and more small business grant opportunities below.

Small Business News May 24, 2024

This week the news roundup has news addressing a wide range of small business issues. This includes a reminder from the IRS making energy-efficient updates to their homes can qualify them for home energy credits. There is also a rule change by the SEC that could make it easier for small businesses to raise money with crowdfunding. For that and much more, take a look at the rest of the roundup.

IRS Reminds Taxpayers of Home Energy Credits

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reminds taxpayers that making energy-efficient updates to their homes can qualify them for home energy credits. Expanded by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, these credits provide significant incentives for homeowners to invest in energy improvements.

New SEC Rule Change Proposed: How It Could Impact Small Businesses

The Securities and Exchange Commission is considering a rule change that could make it easier for small businesses to raise money with crowdfunding. The Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee discussed the potential rule change at a recent meeting, though the change has not yet been officially approved.

Microsoft Unveils Copilot PCs

Microsoft unveiled its groundbreaking Copilot PCs, marking a significant leap in personal computing technology. These innovative devices are designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft’s AI-driven Copilot, enhancing productivity and user experience. With AI at the forefront, these devices promise to enhance productivity, improve user experience, and provide top-notch security.

Arizona Tax Preparer Pleads Guilty to Filing False Tax Returns in Abusive-Trust Scheme

Kent Ellsworth, an Arizona tax preparer, pleaded guilty to two counts of assisting in the preparation of false tax returns. This was part of a nationwide scheme that utilized abusive-trust tax shelters to defraud the IRS. Ellsworth’s fraudulent activities carried out through his business, Ellsworth Stauffer P.C.

IBM and Salesforce Announce Strategic AI and Data Partnership

Salesforce and IBM announced a strategic partnership to leverage AI and data to drive business innovation. This collaboration combines IBM’s data foundation and AI capabilities with Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) expertise. The strategic partnership between IBM and Salesforce represents a powerful alliance in AI and data.

Protect Your Multi-Factor Authentication Codes from Phishing Scams

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a very important tool for securing your online accounts. However, scammers have developed new techniques to phish MFA codes, putting your data at risk. Understanding these methods and learning how to protect yourself is key for maintaining your digital security.

Many Small Business Owners Unhappy, Undecided with Presidential Candidates

Small business owners are not satisfied with the current presidential candidates. But they could have a major impact on the outcome of the upcoming election. According to a recent survey from Goldman Sachs, 55 of small business owners who took part in the survey said they are dissatisfied with the way the candidates have addressed small business issues so far.

New Amazon Rules Could Impact Independent Supplement Sellers

Amazon recently updated its policies related to selling certain dietary supplements on its platforms. Starting in April, dietary supplement products related to sexual enhancement, sports/bodybuilding, and weight management will need to be verified through a third-party testing organization.

Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills with Shark Tank-Like Program for Students in Pittsburgh

Entrepreneurship has no age limits. One startup support organization in Pittsburgh is taking extra steps to foster creativity and business acumen in young people. Startable is a program of Innovation Works, a local startup organization that supports tech entrepreneurs throughout the community.

Crowdfunded Loan Helps Entrepreneur Get Second Chance After Incarceration

Getting traditional bank funding can be tough for any small business. But it’s especially challenging for those who are re-entering the workforce after incarceration. This was the case for Stephanie Blaco. After spending a decade in prison, she had trouble finding a traditional job.

Square Reveals Trends in Restaurant Payroll, Happy Hours, and Drink Preferences

Square’s latest Quarterly Restaurant Report sheds light on evolving dining trends, consumer spending, and restaurant wages. With patio season approaching, these insights offer valuable information for restaurant owners. Rising Payroll Costs in Full-Service Restaurants and Bars Labor remains a significant expense for restaurants.

Ohio Man Sentenced for Tampering with Diesel Truck Emissions Controls

Davis Owens, from Hamilton County, Ohio, has been sentenced to prison for his involvement in disabling emissions control systems on diesel trucks in violation of the Clean Air Act. Owens, 34, from Cleves, Ohio, will serve 30 days in prison, followed by seven months of home confinement and one year of supervised release.

Chase Survey Reveals Small Business Owners are Optimistic About Future Growth

Chase for Business has released its latest survey findings, showing that small business owners remain optimistic about future growth and are increasingly willing to invest in digital solutions.

Consumers Spending Less on Fast Food; Eating At Home

The latest quarterly earnings updates from major quick-service giants Yum! Brands, Starbucks and McDonald’s reflect ongoing adjustments in consumer behavior among the current economic environment.  As reported by Fox Business, each company’s results highlight the differing impacts of market conditions on their global operations.

Shoplifting Crisis Negatively Affecting Businesses Across the U.S.

A rise in shoplifting incidents is threatening small businesses across the U.S. For example, Baltimore County police were reportedly called to the same block as the now-closed Walmart in Towson over 300 times throughout 2023, as reported by Fox Baltimore. This represents a 149 percent increase between 2021 and 2024.

Goldman Sachs Recruited Small Business Owners to Fight New Banking Regulations

Goldman Sachs has reportedly been recruiting small businesses to advocate for its own interests. According to a recent from Reuters, the bank connected small business owners with members of Congress who may have influence surrounding financial regulations.

Micro Businesses Using AI to Compete with Larger Firms

Nearly half of micro businesses are using generative AI to compete with larger brands. This data comes from a survey of over 3,000 business owners with ten or fewer employees performed by GoDaddy’s Venture Forward. In the survey, 44 percent of respondents said they agree that AI will help with their business growth over the next year.

Oregon Nonprofits Urged to Apply for SBA Disaster Loans Before June 12 Deadline

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has reminded Oregon private nonprofit organizations about the upcoming deadline to apply for federal disaster loans. These loans are intended to assist with property damage caused by severe winter storms, straight-line winds, landslides, and mudslides that took place from January 10 to 22. The deadline to apply is June 12. Francisco Sánchez Jr.

Jon Taffer Shares Brilliant Advice to Restaurant Owners on Creating Loyal Customers

Repeat business is a huge factor in restaurant success. So, how can you drive customer loyalty? Jon Taffer, host of Bar Rescue, shared several tips for creating customer loyalty in an appearance on Gary Vaynerchuk’s podcast. The main point Taffer made was that restaurants need to focus on getting customers to come back at least three times.

Small Businesses Support Bill to End Beneficial Ownership

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has endorsed new legislation introduced by Senator Tommy Tuberville (AL) and Representative Warren Davidson (OH-8). This legislation seeks to repeal the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), which currently requires small businesses to report detailed ownership information, a rule seen as overly burdensome.

How To Have Difficult Conversations in a Divided World

Let’s face it: We live in a divided world, and this happens in business and our personal lives.  Staying in our own bubble isn’t the long-term solution.

Small Businesses at Risk of Yellow Pages Invoice Fraud

In today’s environment, small business owners must remain vigilantly aware of scams. One persistent fraud is the Yellow Pages invoice scam, which tricks businesses into paying for non-existent advertising spaces that fraudulently mimic the official Yellow Pages.

Prospective Homebuyers Feel Renting May Harm Their Financial Future

A new Bank of America Homebuyer Insights Report (HBIR) reveals that 70% of prospective homebuyers feel renting may harm their financial future. Renters fear they are missing out on long-term investments, and 72% worry about rent increases impacting their finances. With high interest rates and home prices, uncertainty about whether to rent or buy has increased.

Inflation Continues to Hinder Small Business Operations

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has released its Small Business Optimism Index for April 2024. The report reveals slight improvements but highlights ongoing challenges due to inflation and labor costs. The NFIB’s Small Business Optimism Index rose by 1.2 points in April to 89.7, marking the first increase of the year.

Taco Bell and Others Use Handwashing Lie Detector on Employees

PathSpot, a New York tech startup, has developed a hand hygiene device that identifies if hands are not sufficiently washed. Known as the Handscanner, the device is described as a handwashing lie detector. It is already being used in 10,000 food service outlets around the world, including franchised Taco Bell, Arby’s, and Chopt restaurants, according to a report from WRAL-TV.

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