In the News: Get Up to $50,000 in Grants From Public and Private Organizations


The current rate of inflation and all-around high prices is affecting small business owners disproportionately across the nation and indeed globally. And finding the funding to continue their operations is becoming more difficult as government-run programs no longer provide the same level of support. This is where grants, public and private, are able to help small business owners cope with the current economic climate. From Comcast to Famous Amos and others, there are numerous grants available now from private as well as public organizations you can apply for.

Comcast is providing grants to 500 businesses with $10,000 for each recipient along with creative and marketing consulting and tech upgrades. This will not only provide needed funds but also skillsets to ensure the long-term success of the business. Other grants are also available in several states and specific counties in the U.S. from public organizations. Find out where in the link below:

Famous Amos is providing three $50,000 grants for a total of $150,000 with a nationwide search to find three deserving entrepreneurs. This grant has a process, so make sure to follow the instructions and the dates to give yourself a better chance to win this hefty grant. Read more for details:

Speaking of inflation and high prices, here is a timely article that answers how raising prices at your place of business impacts your taxes. With 70% of businesses having raised their prices to deal with inflation, knowing how it affects tax liabilities is a must.

Small Business News Roundup – May 27, 2022

These Industries Have the Most Lost Billable Hours – And It Costs Them Plenty

A recent survey by Tribes.AI has found that missing or inaccurate timesheets cost businesses $63,807 per employee per year or $7.49 billion daily for the professional services sector providers in the US. Management Perception of Lost Billable Time by Industry The survey was based on government figures combined with a recent Tribes.AI survey of over 1,200 managers in the sector.

Coinbase NFT Goes Live in Beta

Coinbase NFT, a Web3 social marketplace for the cryptographic tokens NFTs, has gone live in beta. Anyone can now check out the first version of Coinbase NFT at and browse the vast collection of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Coinbase NFT Goes Live in Beta Beta testers are now able to create a Coinbase NFT profile to buy and sell NFTs using a self-custody wallet.

SBA Opening 5 New Women’s Business Centers Across America

The Small Business Administrator (SBA) has announced the opening of five new Women’s Business Centers (WBCs). On May 23, Isabella Casillas Guzman, head of the SBA, announced the selection of the new resource centers for women entrepreneurs and business owners. The announcement was made during National Small Business Week.

Congressmen Ask IRS to Increase Mileage Reimbursement Rate

House Democrats are calling on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to boost drivers’ mileage deduction benefits. Bloomberg reports that Democrats are urging the IRS to increase the tax break to help small businesses that rely on heavy mileage, including truckers, drivers and other transportation-related businesses with soaring costs.

The Future of the Virtual Assistant

As a small business owner, your time is valuable. To find out helpful facts about hiring virtual assistants and their benefits, you will not want to miss watching this video.

10 Tips to Attract Tourists and Travelers to Your Small Business

Tourists and business travelers need ways to save money; small business owners need ways to make money. Where’s the common ground? How can you turn tourists and business travelers into customers? Attracting Tourists to Your Small Business We asked Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success for Constant Contact, for his best ideas.

First Ever USMCA Dialogue Session Focuses on Small Business Benefits of Trade Deal

Key players in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) met to beef up small business trade opportunities among those entities. The USMCA was enacted on July 1, 2020 and substituted the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). For the USMCA Dialogue Session, trade leaders, and hundreds of representatives from small businesses, met by webinar.

Gas Prices Keep Breaking Records – $6+ in California

Gas prices in the US continue to rise and break records. On May 23, the national average for a gallon of gasoline was $4.596. In California, the average price of gas has surpassed $6 a gallon for the first time, currently standing at $6.069.

Former Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Charged with PPP Loan Fraud

Austin St. John, 47, McKinney, TX, is one of 18 people charged in a Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) fraud scheme that allegedly involved 16 loans and $3.5 million. St. John is best known as the original Red Power Ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series. The series launched in 1993. Former Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Austin St. John Charged with PPP Loan Fraud St.

Are You Achieving a Work-Life Balance? Not Even Close

Americans spend a significant amount of time working and looking at screens, but the majority don’t take enough time off. Are You Achieving a Work-Life Balance? Not Even Close Over the course of their lifetime, Americans spend, on average, 13.2 years working, and just 328 days socializing. The average worker in the US spends 5.3 hours per week checking work emails at home.

10 Online Businesses for Sale in May

This month there are some great online businesses available for sale that are established, proven, and innovative. Some of them also have a physical presence that seamlessly combine the digital world to ensure the future viability of their operations. If you want to be part of the cryptocurrency world, one of the businesses that are for sale is a cryptocurrency mining farm.

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