In the News: Up to $150,000 Available in Grants for Your Small Business


Resiliency grants support small businesses by offering financial aid to recover from disruptions and build long-term stability. These grants fund emergency preparedness, infrastructure improvements, and business continuity planning.

Resiliency grants help small businesses maintain operations during crises, protect jobs, and continue serving their communities by covering costs for repairs, upgrades, and staff training. This assistance strengthens the local economy, ensuring businesses can effectively face future challenges and remain a vital part of their communities.

Small business grants can help businesses through tough times, which can ultimately make them more resilient. And resilient businesses often strengthen communities. There are currently many small business grant opportunities available for companies and projects throughout the U.S. Read on for a list of current options.

Intuit Inc. has announced the launch of the QuickBooks Grant Program. This initiative will provide 20 small business owners with $10,000 each, alongside mentorship resources aimed at fostering their success. This program is a key part of Intuit’s Small Business Success Month, designed to support small businesses with essential tools, resources, and funding.

Small Business News May 31, 2024

This week, the news roundup starts with small businesses urging Congress to address inflation as it is their primary concern. This has pushed some business owners to look for ways to save money, including using barter system platforms like Moxey to offer their own products or services in exchange for Moxey payments. Read the rest of the roundup for mors small business news.

Small Businesses Urge Congress to Address Inflation

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) recently outlined measures for Congress and the White House to help small businesses combat inflation. Small business owners have cited inflation as their primary concern, urging legislative action. As small businesses struggle with inflationary pressures, the NFIB’s recommendations provide a roadmap for legislative relief.

Businesses Turning to New Barter System to Control Costs

Businesses across Louisiana and the rest of the country are turning to a new kind of barter system to save money and make use of their existing resources. This alternative form of payment is called Moxey. It’s a network of small businesses that sign up to be part of the app and directory, offering their own products or services in exchange for Moxey payments.

Florida Cities Lead U.S. in Freelancer Growth

Orlando, Miami, and Tampa have become hotspots for freelancers, leading the nation in population and revenue growth. This information comes from Fiverr’s 7th Annual Freelance Economic Impact Report. The report also highlights significant growth in cities like Las Vegas and Houston while traditional business hubs like San Francisco and New York show little change.

GoDaddy Expands GenAI Prompt Library to Boost Small Business Support

GoDaddy has expanded its Small Business Generative AI (GenAI) Prompt Library to boost small business support and success. This enhanced library now offers over 185 prompts and introduces new features and languages, making it easier for entrepreneurs to leverage GenAI in their daily operations.

Zoom Enhances AI Capabilities to Boost Productivity and Collaboration

Zoom has announced the general availability of new AI capabilities across Zoom Workplace, including enhanced features for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Team Chat. The AI Companion, Zoom’s generative AI assistant, now offers more customization, personalization, and quick reply capabilities.

Zoom Introduces Post-Quantum End-to-End Encryption for Enhanced Security

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. has announced the global availability of post-quantum end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Zoom Workplace, starting with Zoom Meetings. This launch makes Zoom the first unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provider to offer such a cutting-edge security feature. Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms will also receive this security enhancement soon.

Adobe Launches Tool in Lightroom for Easy AI-Editing

Adobe has launched Generative Remove, a powerful new tool in Adobe Lightroom. This innovation, powered by Adobe Firefly, simplifies photo editing by enabling users to remove unwanted objects with a single click. Available on mobile, web, and desktop, this tool promises high-quality, realistic results.

Salesforce Launches New Commerce Cloud Features for Enhanced Online Shopping

Salesforce has unveiled three new Commerce Cloud innovations aimed at enhancing online shopping experiences. These features include Salesforce Checkout, headless commerce capabilities for B2B, and composable commerce enhancements for B2C. These improvements promise to boost revenue while offering personalized customer experiences.

New Regulation Threatens Small Businesses with $500 a Day in Fines

The Corporate Transparency Act requires LLCs, Corporations and other business entities to provide Beneficial Ownership Information to the U.S. Treasury Department. Companies failing to do so face stiff penalties. The new federal regulation threatens small businesses with $500 a day in fines for non-compliance.

Women Business Owners Cutting Their Pay to Stay in Business

About a quarter of female small business owners have taken a pay cut over the past year to combat economic challenges, according to a recent survey. And 53 percent said that the past year has been their hardest year in business. This research comes from Office Depot and Talker Research. About 1,000 female small business owners shared their experiences of business ownership over the past year.

Small Business Owners Lack Confidence in Their Marketing

Most small business owners are not confident in their current marketing strategies, according to a new study by Constant Contact and Ascend2. The survey, which includes responses from more than 1,300 small businesses across parts of the world, found that 73 percent of entrepreneurs lack confidence in their marketing tactics.

Is the New iPad Pro for You?

Apple has unveiled the latest iPad Pro, featuring a sleek, lightweight design, advanced display technology, and powerful performance capabilities. The new iPad Pro, available in silver and space black, comes in two sizes: a 13-inch model and an 11-inch model. Both versions boast the Ultra Retina XDR display with tandem OLED technology, promising an exceptional visual experience.

Visa and J.P. Morgan Make Sending Money Faster and Easier in the US

Visa and J.P. Morgan Payments have announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing the speed and ease of money transfers within the United States. This collaboration is set to provide both businesses and individuals with quick and secure methods for sending and receiving funds. Utilizing Visa’s advanced technology, J.P.

New Features for Organizing Events in WhatsApp Communities

Since the introduction of WhatsApp Communities, different groups, including neighborhoods, school associations, and hobby clubs, have adopted this feature to maintain organization and connectivity.

To Become a Billionaire, Do You Need to Invent Something New?

The key to unparalleled entrepreneur success is still a mystery. But do you have to invent something entirely new to become a billionaire? My guest this week on The Small Business Radio Show demonstrates you don’t have to invent something new. Liz Elting is an entrepreneur, business leader, and bestselling author.

Ohio Tornado Recovery: SBA Workshop Offers Critical Business Support

A powerful tornado outbreak on March 14 devastated many counties in Ohio. In response, several organizations have joined forces to provide vital resources to affected business owners. The workshop is set for May 22 and aims to deliver crucial assistance to help businesses rebuild and recover.

California Proposal to Curb Big Tech Could Impact Small Businesses

A new proposal aiming to encourage competition and curtail Big Tech in California may have unintended consequences for small businesses. The California Law Revision Commission is currently reviewing state antitrust laws and is considering a recommendation to ban “self-preferencing.” This describes the practice of digital platforms prioritizing their own content or products and services.

“Shrinkflation” May Cost Small Businesses Loyal Customers

Many small business owners feel forced to try out new strategies to combat rising costs – including the newly coined phrase “shrinkflation.” Shrinkflation refers to businesses charging the same prices for goods and services instead of raising prices, but offering a smaller size or quantity of said item.

SBA Working Capital Loans Deadlines for Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico Due to Drought

Small businesses in Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico face looming deadlines to apply for SBA working capital loans due to severe drought conditions. The SBA is stepping up to provide crucial financial assistance for those affected by the drought.

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