In the News: $2,500 in Grants for Black-Owned Businesses

Underserved small business communities have a much harder time when it comes to getting funding. Whether it is women or other minorities, this particular issue has created a big problem for these communities. This has resulted in local, state, and federal governments as well as private organizations establishing grants to provide the funds.

If you have a black-owned business in the service sector, you can apply for the Kinetic Business by Windstream Black Business Support Fund Grant. Businesses are eligible for up to $2,500 along with a year of free internet and a free business consultation. The goal is to help these businesses with not only financial assistance, but also improve their skill sets so they can stay open for the long run.

To qualify you have to be located in areas where Kinetic operates as well as other requirements. Find out more:



Small Business News November 18, 2022

Here is what else is taking place with small businesses in this week’s roundup:

Sales of Small Businesses Slows in Third Quarter

The latest BizBuySell Insight Report shows that after five consecutive quarters of year-over-year growth, small business sales activity has slowed. The number of closed deals reported in the third quarter of 2022 dropped by 2% from last year reaching 2,237. The third quarter of 2022 was also 4.5% lower than the second quarter of 2022.

Zuckerberg Says Ecommerce Trends After Pandemic Led to Mass Layoffs

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently made headlines regarding the laying off of 11,000 Meta employees, citing his incorrect prediction that eCommerce growth during the Covid-19 pandemic would be a ‘permanent acceleration’. In a statement, Zuckerberg admitted he was wrong and that assumption cost Meta a lot of money and a lot of people their jobs.

WeWork Closing About 40 Locations in the US

The leading global flexible space provider, WeWork, has announced plans to exit around 40 locations in the United States consisting of around 41,000 workstations. WeWork Closing About 40 Locations in the US The exits are focused in what the firm cite as ‘underperforming locations’, and the majority will be happening during November.

Rieva Lesonsky on Understanding Millennials and Gen Z

If you own a retail business, you may have noticed that your customer base is not what it used to be. Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of GrowBizMedia/SmallBusinessCurrents.

Coinbase Says Cryptocurrency for International Money Transfers Growing in Popularity

Coinbase says that cryptocurrencies offer users faster, easier, and more cost-efficient ways of sending money abroad. Since launching international transfer services in Mexico in February the cryptocurrency exchange platform has seen a steady rise in demand for the service. For example, Coinbase customers in Mexico nearly doubled in a period of just a few months.

How to Make a Deal In Uncertain Economic Times

How does the professional deal maker handle uncertain business and economic times? On the Small Business Radio Show this week, I talked with Marc H. Morgenstern who is an out-of-the-box, uber-successful dealmaker, and rock aficionado and no ordinary business leader.

Turnkey Businesses for Sale Right Now

The one thing a turnkey business provides is a proven model that is working. You are not starting a new business along with all the challenges it will bring, including failure. Granted any business can fail, but a turnkey business gives you a better chance to continue the operation and grow.

Small Businesses Not Prepared for a Boom

It’s a dream for small businesses to suddenly blow up and get an influx of leads that takes it to the next level or beyond. But the truth is that most small businesses are simply not prepared for that kind of success. Small Businesses Not Prepared for a Boom That’s why it is important to devise a ‘Scale Map’ which will prepare your business for success.

American Pure Whey Owner Charged with PPP Loan Fraud

The owner of a troubled protein powder company, American Pure Whey, is the latest person indicted on PPP loan fraud charges. PPP loans were guaranteed, forgivable loans guaranteed by the federal government in response to the COVID pandemic in 2020. They were approved as part of the CARES Act.

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