In the News: Brick and Mortar Stores are Doing Better in Some States

brick and mortar stores rebounding

As grim as the news sounds in the midst of the pandemic, there also some good news when it comes to small businesses. In this case, it is how brick and mortar businesses are rebounding in some states.

A new study from Zenreach is reporting foot traffic to the nation’s retail and other locations have remained steady throughout most of the pandemic. Granted it is around half of the pre-pandemic levels, but it shows people are still willing to go out. However, there has been a steady increase from mid-April through June.

The states leading the way are Oklahoma, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Utah. And with the holiday shopping season to start in earnest, time will tell if people come out to shop in the real world or they stay home and shop online.

You can read the rest of the story on “Brick and Mortar Business in These States Are Rebounding from the Pandemic.” The other stories in this week’s roundup cover a range of topics, including another article relating to retailers and how 85% of Americans plan to shop in stores this holiday shopping season.

Small Business News Roundup for Nov. 20, 2020

The big stories for small business owners this week are:

Champagne, Gold and Green — The Colors of 2021?

Colors communicate without a single word, and there is a psychology to colors when brands market to their customers. The 2021 Color Trends report from Shutterstock has identified three colors that have been popular in the past year. This means you are going to see more of them in the coming year telling stories and capturing your imagination. So, what is different this year, the pandemic.

The States with the Cheapest and Most Expensive Internet

With the advent of COVID-19 more and more Americans are ever more reliant on the internet. From working from home to online shopping to even taking classes, or just simply staying connected the internet seems to be the go-to place. But internet users in some states are getting a much better deal than others.

36% of Americans Won’t Move to Rural Areas Due to Slow Internet Speeds

Some 36% of Americans say bad or limited internet access is preventing them from moving to rural areas. This according to a report by Satellite Internet. With COVID-19 forcing much of the commercial and social activities to go online, the internet has become an integral part of lives everywhere. Currently, 54% of Americans now rely on the internet for working from home.

85% of Americans Plan to Shop In-Store This Holiday Season

In the age of COVID-19, the last thing you can do is assume business is going to be the same as usual, especially during the holiday shopping season. But for 85% of Americans it is going to be the same when it comes to shopping in a physical store. This according to a new survey from ENGINE Insights.

McAfee and Amazon Business Prime Partner with Cyber Security Offer for Small Business

Computer security software giant McAfee has partnered with Amazon Business to launch a cyber security bundle. The security package is designed to protect small business owners from cybercrime. The McAfee Security Software/IT Bundle for Business Prime provide comprehensive solutions that protect sensitive data. The bundle includes web and firewall protection and mobile VPN.

The 50 Most Surprising Remote Jobs in 2020

As the number of employees working remotely increases a survey by FlexJobs unveils some surprising jobs being performed remotely. The survey indicates that 50 jobs that would normally be considered as traditional office-based have shifted towards remote gigs.

Verizon Introduces Business Mobile Secure

Last year Verizon reported 28% of data breach victims were small businesses. With that in mind, the company is introducing Business Mobile Secure to protect them from the dangers they face online. The service is part of a collaboration with Cisco and BlackBerry. And the goal is to protect small businesses from internal and external security threats.

IKON 2020 Honors Grit of Small Business Entrepreneurs

Keap is honored the “Big Grit” of Entrepreneurs during its annual IKON event. During 2020, some small businesses emerged from the challenges of operating as thriving leaders. That’s because those businesses had a combination of perseverance and tenacity called grit. “They (those businesses) had the courage to find solutions,” said Keap CEO and cofounder Clate Mask.

How to Do Work You Love During a Global Pandemic

During COVID-19, some small business owners are just trying to get by and figure out how to make a profit. Many are reinventing their company to fit the new marketplace realities. On the Small Business Radio Show this week, Seth Godin, one of top marketing leaders discusses his new book, “The Practice: Shipping Creative Work “.


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