In the News: Small Business Owners Frustrated Not Getting Aid

Business Owners Frustrated

No matter what metric you look at, business is more likely down than it was a year ago. And in some cases, it is dangerously down as many small businesses struggle to stay open in the midst of a pandemic. This has increased the frustration owners are feeling with the lack of local and state aid. So much so, 86% of small business owners say they have not received state or local aid, despite such aid being available to them.

Even if the aid is available, some business owners are reluctant. Close to a quarter or 23% say the terms of the help was unclear, while another 21% say they are not interested in amassing more debt. Moreover, 13% are citing a “distrust of government-backed financial programs.”

This however doesn’t mean small business owners are not getting the help they need. According to Fundera, which conducted the survey, of the businesses which accepted aid, more than half received a grant. And almost a third accepted a loan, while another 8% benefited from rent relief and over 5% from tax relief.

You can read the rest of, “Lack of State and Local Aid Frustrates Small Business Owners Nationwide” in this week’s roundup along with the small business-related stories.

Small Business News Roundup for Nov. 27, 2020

Here are the stories for small business owners this week:

How to Classify Employees and Independent Contactors Right Every Time

If there is one thing that consistently gets small business owners in trouble with state authorities it’s their classification of whether an individual is an employee or independent contractor. They reason that someone who works with them part-time or not at their location can be classified as an independent contractor.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Small Business Owners

Black Friday shopping is likely to look a bit different this year. But there are still plenty of deals to be had. And many of them may appeal to business shoppers. Whether you’re looking for new computers, furniture, or clothing, many retailers are offering their best deals of the year. You can pick up items in stores in many cases or shop online.

Clapper Video Platform Enables Monetization for Creators

Clapper, a digital media company that delivers short videos via a mobile app similar to TikTok, recently announced the launch of Clapper FAM, a new monetization feature that allows content creators to develop an income stream through donations from supporters inside the app.

Keap names the IKON Small Business of the Year Winner

Mwale and Chantel Henry, The Legacy Project/The Bestseller Academy, are the winners of Keap’s $15,000 IKON Small Business of the Year award. The winner was chosen from four finalists. Keap holds the contest annually, and the winner is chosen by Keap user votes. The four finalists gave presentations about their businesses and how they used Keap to grow during 2020.

SBA Veterans Small Business Advisory Committees Hosting Virtual Public Meetings in December

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Interagency Task Force on Veterans Small Business Development (IATF) and Advisory Committee on Veterans Business Affairs (ACVBA) have announced that they will be holding a series of virtual public meetings on December 2 and December 3.

eBay and Optoro Partner for Resellers

eBay has formed an exclusive ‘recommerce’ partnership with Optoro. Optoro provides innovative tech solutions to help retailers process, manage and sell returns and excess inventory more proficiently. The alliance will mean eBay sellers are provided with an influx of high-demand wholesale inventory, which they can sell quickly and efficiently.

Demandforce Online Booking Allows for 24-7 Appointment Scheduling

Service-based businesses rely greatly on managing their appointments effectively. Demandforce Online Booking looks to make the process more efficient and less labor-intensive. The new functionalities will make it easier for clients to schedule an appointment online. This is especially important because 36% of clients avoid businesses with complex appointment scheduling systems.

Ooma Meetings Adds to Choices for a Collaboration and Conferencing Platform

As more people work remotely, the addition of video meetings to Ooma Office Pro is a natural step. Even though the pandemic is a big driver, the trend was going this way long before. Add the pandemic and 57% of small business owners believe remote work will continue long after stay-at-home orders are lifted.


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