In the News: ARPA and Restaurant Grants From $250 to $50K Available Now


Industry-specific grants provide funds for those small businesses operating in the segment. These types of grants address issues these small business owners deal with and try to provide help so they can move forward. In addition to cash, these grants oftentimes provide expertise to help these businesses stay open.

This week there are restaurant grants looking to support food services throughout the country as well as grants from ARPA programs helping with a wide range of issues. Take a look at what is available:

If you run a food service business, there are a number of grants available now offering anywhere from $250 to $100K. These grants include funds from The National Restaurant Association, tourism agencies, food and wine organizations, as well as private companies such as DoorDash and GrubHub. If you are in the industry, apply now:

Many communities across the country are extending the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) small business grant program to help owners. The grants made available through ARPA look to help small business owners with pandemic-related losses. This includes paying for electric and water costs, structural improvements, helping with management classes, and more. Find out what else is available:

Small Business News October 21, 2022

Here is what else is taking place in this week’s small business news roundup:

TikTok Live Has New Features

TikTok has recently introduced some new features to its TikTok LIVE function, including raising the number of guests creators can have during a broadcast. TikTok Live Has New Features The number of guests possible via the multi-guest feature is now five, with the guests able to appear in either grid form or in a panel.

Heating Oil Prices Spike Again to Set a New Record High

Heating oil prices jumped 38 cents in the last week, alone. That spike in the price of heating oil shatters the record high set just last week. The new average price for a gallon of residential heating oil in the US is a record-high $5.72. Last week, the price was $5.34.

YouTube Handles are Here – What it Means for Your Business

YouTube recently announced that they are introducing ‘handles’ to make it easier for members of the community to find and connect with each other. YouTube Handles and Your Business Each YouTube creator’s handle will be unique to their channel and will enable users to mention them in the likes of comments and community posts.

Adobe Releases 2022 Holiday Shopping Predictions

Adobe recently released its online shopping forecast for the 2022 holiday season, known to be the most comprehensive view into e-commerce in the United States. Adobe Releases 2022 Holiday Shopping Predictions The forecast uses Adobe Analytics data to analyze commerce transactions online, with the latest report covering the period from November 1 through to December 31 later this year.

David Leonhardt on Hiring a Copywriter for Your Small Business

You’ve got a great small business story to tell, but how do you find just the right words? On today’s show, David Leonhardt, President of The Happy Guy (THGM) Writing Services, sits down with Shawn Hessinger, the Executive Editor of Small Business Trends, to discuss how hiring a copywriter may be a better idea than trying to go it alone.

Gas Prices Dropping Slightly After 3 Weeks of Increases

Gas prices are dropping slowly after nearly a month of increases. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average retail price of gas now stands at $3.888 on Monday, Oct 17, 2022 down from last week’s $3.919 price tag. A lack of demand at the moment is being credited with the slight drop in price.

How to Make the Business World Sane Again

By any definition, things are crazy inside our business world; the Covid pandemic, record inflation, the supply chain shortage, the Great Resignation, and quiet quitting. How can we make our world sane again? This week on The Small Business Radio Show, Dr. Michael Adamse says he’s got the solution. He received his Ph.D.

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