In the News: The SBA, ARPA and Local Communities Offering Grants From $2,500 to $400K


If you want to give your business a chance at winning a grant you have to make sure your company aligns with the mission of the organization. This includes the Small Business Administration (SBA), American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), local governments, non-profits, and private organizations.

Whether it is a public or private organization, they all have a specific issue they want to address with the funds they are giving away.  Finding what these issues are, making sure you qualify, and following directions, which include deadlines, will give you a better chance at winning a grant. With that in mind, here are some of the grants available now:

Local communities are providing grants funded by ARPA programs to address everything from pandemic recovery to business expansion, physical improvements, marketing, female-founded businesses, and more. These grants range from $2,500 to $250K, so make sure to apply.

The SBA is providing $4 million to help Veteran small business owners and entrepreneurs. Businesses can qualify for up to $400K. This is part of the upcoming Veterans Small Business Week taking place from October 31 to November 4. If you are a veteran, transitioning service member, Reserve and National Guard member, or military spouse, make sure to also look into the many resources the SBA provides.

Small Business News October 28, 2022

Find out more about what is taking place with small businesses in this week’s news roundup:

Meta Identifies 400+ Mobile Apps Designed to Steal Facebook Login Info

Meta says it’s identified 400 malicious Android and iOS apps that try to steal Facebook login credentials. Meta Identifies 400+ Mobile Apps Designed to Steal Facebook Login Info The malicious apps include photo editors and VPNs claiming to boost browsing speed or grant access to blocked content or websites.

Joel Libava on Looking for the Perfect Franchise Opportunity

If you are interested in buying a franchise, you might be surprised to discover that ones like Dunkin’, and McDonald’s probably aren’t the opportunities that potential franchise owners should be looking at.

Small Business Investment Company Reforms Proposed by SBA to Address Diversity

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) recently announced the Federal Register publication of SBA-proposed reforms to the Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) program.

Price of Stamps Likely Going Up in 2023

The price of stamps is likely going up. United States Postal Service wants to raise the price on some mail. The price increase, if it’s approved, will have some impact on small business owners nationwide who are already dealing with rising prices on just about everything in the last year. USPS wants the new price of a Forever stamp at 63 cents.

Run Your Business Like Clockwork

Too many small business owners do everything in their company instead of leveraging their staff. In a sense, their business owns them more than they own it! On the Small Business Radio Show, I talked to Mike Michalowicz about how entrepreneurs can get their businesses to run without them doing everything.

10 Interesting Businesses for Sale in October

If you happen to be interested in a niche field, buying an established business in said field can be a challenge. However, if you look long enough you are likely to find one. The 10 interesting businesses for sale in October include options you might’ve been looking for.

The Benefits of Going Live on Video for Your Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

Did you know that by 2028, global revenue from live video will reach $184 billion? The popularity of live video streaming is gaining popularity, bringing multiple opportunities for brands and marketers to put products and services in front of the right people, and become more efficient and productive.

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