In the News: Your Brand’s Voice on Social Media Matters

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What sort of tone do you use to represent your brand on social media?

Are you funny? Witty or sarcastic? Snarky or mean?

It definitely matters. And according to a recent survey conducted by Adzooma, there’s a tone that works for your customers or potential customers.

Of course, it’s a friendly tone. That’s what most customers prefer so that’s really what you should give them, at least most of the time.

Striking a different tone isn’t inconsequential either. More than half of the people responding to Adzooma’s survey said they’d actually un-follow a brand that used a tone on social media they didn’t like.

Check out more from the Adzooma survey in a report we filed this week: Customers Prefer Brands with a Friendly Voice on Social Media

That’s just one of the more interesting stories we found this week for small business owners. To read the rest of them, check out our weekly news roundup below.

Small Business News Roundup – September 25, 2020

OhWaiter Releases SMS Restaurant Ordering and Payment Service

Do you want to remove more points of contact in your restaurant? Well, OhWaiter lets your customers use their own smartphones to place an order, make a request, and pay. Better yet, you can use it in hotels, stadiums, bars, and other hospitality venues for $149 per month per property.

Economy Most Important Issue for Small Business Owners Ahead of Election

As the US Presidential election nears, the top concern for small businesses is the economy. A new poll by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and MetLife reveals over half (57%) of small business owners rank the economy as the first or second most important issue influencing who they will cast their votes for.

Leading Tech Companies Are Highlighting Blue Light Awareness

Be honest, how long do you spend staring at a device with a monitor? Unfortunately for most of us, it is more than we care to admit. And it is becoming a problem because of the blue light they produce. Some of the leading tech companies in the world along with health experts are coming together to highlight the dangers of blue light along with solutions.

Top 7 Things People Miss About Being in an Office During COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted our way of life and more so the way we work. Working from home has become the new normal, and we’ve literally turned our homes into an office and digitized our work. In a little over six months, we have learned how to remote work, learn to video conference as well as collaborate in the cloud. Brings Pro Level Services to Small Business Websites

If your small business site is through, a new line of Pro-level services is now available. The new services will give you a nice website and effective SEO, even if your budget is tight. And best of all, you do not have to be an expert to use them and optimize your small business website. Pro Website and Pro SEO Services Web.

The Most Popular Startups During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed many small businesses and closed them down for good. It has also created opportunities for bold entrepreneurs to strike out and capitalize on unknown territories. Accommodation and food services are among the favorite business types to start right now. As is a retail trade and arts, entertainment, and recreation.

40% of Working Parents Reduced Hours or Quit Jobs During Pandemic

A recent survey by FlexJobs has found that 40% of working parents had to quit or cut back on hours since the pandemic. This was because the closure of schools has forced many to juggle work, childcare and help in their children’s education. Quit or Work Less: Of those surveyed, some 25% have voluntarily cut their hours and 15% have quit entirely.

Customers Prefer Brands with a Friendly Voice on Social Media

A new survey by Adzooma found 55.7% of people would unfollow a brand because of the way they spoke online. The research tried to show what customers actually feel about brands with strong personalities and how it would influence their purchasing decisions.

The Best Small Towns in America to Work Remotely

You don’t have to live in a buzzing metropolis to thrive as a freelancer. With telecommunications becoming increasingly sophisticated, and employers recognizing the merits of remote working, freelancers can be successful wherever they work.

Entrepreneur Believes Small Businesses Like His Will Play a Role in Future Space Exploration

Can small business compete in the space industry? Absolutely. All one has to do is find their role and make the most of an opportunity. Vacuum Technology Incorporated (VTI) is a family owned industrial vacuum company employing over 60 people. And it’s a small business that’s part of America’s future in outer space.

Mastermind Analytics from AppZen Provides Big and Small Picture on Spending

AppZen has announced the launch of Mastermind Analytics, its Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven audit solution. AppZen’s expense report auditing solution combines computer vision, deep learning, and natural language processing to automate expense report auditing and detect intentional and accidental compliance issues and fraud.

ESET Launches Cyber Security Products Bundle for Small Business

ESET just launched its ESET Remote Workforce Offer. This bundle of security products can help small and medium-sized businesses prevent ransomware and malicious threats to protect remote workers. Remote Work and Security: The bundle is specially designed to address the challenges businesses are facing with remote workers and digital security.


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