Salesforce Launches New Commerce Cloud Features for Enhanced Online Shopping


Salesforce has unveiled three new Commerce Cloud innovations aimed at enhancing online shopping experiences. These features include Salesforce Checkout, headless commerce capabilities for B2B, and composable commerce enhancements for B2C. These improvements promise to boost revenue while offering personalized customer experiences.

With 32% of customers abandoning brands after one poor experience, businesses are under pressure to provide consistent, connected, and data-driven e-commerce experiences. Salesforce’s new features address these challenges, helping both B2B and B2C companies improve customer loyalty and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Salesforce Checkout

Salesforce Checkout offers a unified, one-click checkout platform built on the Einstein 1 Platform. It provides a consistent cross-channel experience for customers, integrating with various customer touchpoints. This feature includes merchant services for payments, tax, and shipping, powered by Stripe. By simplifying the checkout process, Salesforce Checkout aims to increase buyer conversion rates.

Headless Commerce for B2B

Salesforce introduces headless commerce capabilities for B2B, allowing developers to build and scale B2B sites quickly using out-of-the-box APIs. This framework supports customization to meet business needs and integrates with numerous apps on the Salesforce AppExchange. This approach helps merchants create engaging B2B sites similar to consumer shopping experiences.

Composable Commerce for B2C

Composable commerce enhancements enable developers to quickly assemble customized e-commerce experiences using new Salesforce APIs and out-of-the-box personalization functionality. Features like Product Listing Page (PLP) tiles, site map generation, store locator, and Buy Online Pickup in-store reduce development time and offer customization to meet business needs.

Michael Affronti, GM and SVP of Commerce Cloud stated, “Commerce companies are looking to architect high-caliber e-commerce sites that can swiftly adapt to changing customer expectations and continue to foster strong customer relationships. With the combined power of data, AI, and CRM, Commerce Cloud gives brands the choice of the right tool so they can build superior shopping experiences their way.”

Salesforce Checkout, headless B2B commerce capabilities, and composable commerce enhancements for B2C will be generally available this summer.

Image: Envato

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