Small Business News: Small Biz Planning Session

Small business strategy is important for success. Here’s one small business planning session that should help you better understand, striving for victory never really ends.  Hopefully, the links below will show all of us a better way to be our best and make our small businesses better in the process too. Enjoy!  


Five online business strategies. Nowadays, so much of small business strategy involves the Internet that it’s almost impossible to discuss one without the other. Here are five big-time SEO strategies for your small business to make sure your online marketing accomplishes its mission, generating more business for your brand no matter what your business’s size. TNW

Afraid to raise your prices? May be you’re looking at things the wrong way. With a tough economy, rising inflation and, depending on where in the world you live, increasing interest rates, your costs will certainly continue to increase. How long can you afford to allow such increases without compensate for them in what you earn. The alternative. You may be effectively lowering your prices instead. The Sydney Morning Herald

Strategies for marketing locally online and off. With a whole new trend in local search marketing on the horizon, local businesses, especially those that can’t deliver services online, must combine high tech local online marketing with a dash of old school techniques to keep a local customer base growing and coming back for more. The Milford Daily News


Entering a $425 billion market. Yep, that’s how much the U.S. government spends annually on goods and services. It’s a market that small businesses can not only enter but use to swiftly grow a small business with a large solid cash flow. Learn more about how to get in on this great opportunity for your small business by reading the story of a small business owner whose done it.

Tax time is over. Time to start all over again. It is never too early to start thinking about next year’s taxes especially if you own a small business. To avoid paying more than your fair share, it takes plenty of planning. Don’t wait until the last minute. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your accountant can fix things at the end of the year. Begin planning for next year’ taxes today. Fox Business


A post-social media strategy for business marketing. It’s ironic that once every brand (or almost everyone) is using social media to market, it won’t be useful in quite the same way as it was in the beginning. That’s why it’s always important to measure results and go with what works for your business and not simply the latest fashion. Plan your marketing to suit your brand and customers no matter what the medium. You’ll see how it suits your best interests in the end. Business2Community

Marketing with your business’s image. Having the right image, the right brand, is essential to building a successful business regardless of size. Creating that image does NOT mean misrepresenting your brand, but it may mean cleaning up the message you project. Here are some ways you can improve the perception of your business and brand. SmallBiz Marketing News


What is a living business plan? And how can it benefit your brand or business? If you don’t know, be sure to visit the post by business coach Ellen St. George Godfrey including steps and important diagrams for creating a living business plan of your own. Consider it an important part of your strategy for your present or future entrepreneurial endeavors. Business changes. Why shouldn’t your business plan?

Boosting your brand and reputation through teaching. Developing and exhibiting expertise is an important part of building your brand and attracting a client base. What better way to do so than to teach others about this expertise so that members of the community, including potential customers, can see your knowledge and ideas. Check some of the other suggestions for sharing your expertise in the link above. YFNCG


Resources for developing your strategy. Not only starting up is covered in this post full of resources but how to create a strategy for success once your small business is up and running. You’ll seriously want to bookmark this link for future reference and plenty of information too use down the road. The Solopreneur Life

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