Small Business News: Startup Edition

Ready to start a business? We’re sure you’ve given it a lot of thought already, but we figured we’d give you a couple more points to mull over. From funding to legal setup to the kind of business you want to build, you’ve got a lot to consider. We hope the links below will get you started. Enjoy! 🙂

Getting Started

What kind of company do you want to build? What is you ultimate goal with your business? This goes beyond answering the question of what you want to sell or even the kind of business you want to be in. Will your business be one that depends upon you or one that can function without you at the center? Before you start your business, ask yourself. What do you want? The Franchise King Blog

The top 20 most profitable small businesses. When starting a small business, it’s important to know the facts. Those facts are that some businesses are generally more profitable than others. Also, many of the more profitable variety may require highly specialized skills to get off the ground. Here is a list of the 20 most profitable small businesses today. How does the profit margin of your startup compare? Forbes

Legal Basics

How do you incorporate? The main reason for incorporating your business these days, says blogger and entrepreneur Ivan Widjaya, is limiting your liability. The kind of incorporation may also have an impact on taxes and other issues, so consider carefully the kind of incorporation you plan to do. Noobpreneur

How to form an LLC. Jeff Fabian runs a boutique law firm aiding small business owners and entrepreneurs in a variety of matters including contracts, intellectual property and transactional issues. In this post he gives an overview of one of the most popular forms of incorporation for small business today especially for the self-employed. Is an LLC right for you? 365 Days of Startups

Raising Capital

How to raise funds. From bootstrapping to friends and family to VC and angel investment and bank loans, there are many possible sources of funding for small business startup. Another form of support growing in popularity is the so-called accelerator, a kind of incubator often providing funding and other help like free office space. Read about one such program here. Gigaom

Finding Chinese venture capital for your startup? You may have thought of outsourcing some functions in your small business startup to China or India, but how about finding investment capital there. Experts suggest that with the recent boom in Chinese business and industry, much wealth has been created yet some wealthy Chinese would rather invest their money overseas as concerns about government stability and other issues remain. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Startup Advice

Other help for your startup. There are many resources out there to help you start your business no matter what kind of business that might be. This post looks at some simple places to get additional advice and information on funding. You may also want to subscribe to a few small business blogs, check out your local chamber of commerce and approach small business owners you know for advice and help. Good luck on your startup venture! Personal Dividends

Start your business the right way. A wealth of startup wisdom in a few brief minutes is imparted in this great podcast about the sacrifice, time, and support from family and loved ones needed to get a new business off the ground. Businesses must be started the right way not out of desperation or with lack of understanding about the risks and stresses involved. Jim Blasingame

Branding Basics

What not to do when building your brand. To be successful, your startup will need a brand. Though you may not be thinking of this so much in the beginning when money is tight, in the end understanding the need to communicate the value your business represents is critical. Here are seven things not do when branding your new business. The Leaper’s Blog

Building your brand with social media. What can your small business startup learn from the branding a successful social media site with over 200,000 visitors? Here is the story of the branding of our sister site and what other entrepreneurs can learn about building an effective brand. BizSugar Blog

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