Small Business News: The New Small Biz Website

Having a small business Website is not all that new an idea, but the function and role of the small business Website are changing. Once almost “brochureware” as some have dubbed it with a few static pages of pictures and text, small business Web presence has morphed into layers of blogging, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channels and other social media platforms. Here are some tips and tools for making sense of it all.

Getting Started

Form follows function. A beautiful Website that does not help your small business improve its bottom line is really pretty useless. Your Website is a tool, or it should be. If it can’t do its job bringing you more leads and more sales, just what is the point? Here, Anne Perez gives us an overview of what your Website should be doing for you. Attract More Customers

Domain name that matches your business name. It may sound obvious, but, when you create a Web presence, one of the most important aspects is your domain name. In this post, Small Business Trends founder and BizSugar CEO Anita Campbell talks from personal experience about the importance of Website domain names to your overall business brand. Tweak Your Biz

Tools and Tips

10 tools to protect your small business Website. As small businesses depend more and more on blogs and Websites, issues like data loss become more and more of a problem. But don’t worry, these tools will help you safeguard your most important assets in this totally new business environment. Make sure the assets that are a key part of your business are secure. Small Business Trends

How to buy a Website. Buying a Website business is much like buying any other small business with all of the potential rewards and pitfalls. Here, Small Business Trends founder and BizSugar CEO Anita Campbell tells the story of acquiring and lays out five important tips when buying a small business Website that should serve as a yardstick for every online entrepreneur who seeks to do the same. The Queedle Blog

How to deal with online feedback. The new social aspects of online small business will make the need to deal with feedback from followers, fans and customers more important than ever. But it also makes it much more likely that these issues could potentially be dealt with in a much more public forum than ever before. Here are some tips for handling feedback correctly from the community.

Social Media

Facebook, social media now top for small business Web presence. Forget spending all your time and resources on an expensive traditional Website. A major news outlet quoting an industry report released in April says most small business owners view social media as important to their business with Facebook and Twitter listed as the top two social media Websites for small business use. WSJ

How small biz uses social media Websites. We’ve mentioned before the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report showing just how social media Websites are becoming the most important online platforms of all for small businesses. The report, released back in April, is now gaining attention from the mainstream press and represents an important trend for small business Web development. Read the full PDF document above. Social Media Examiner


Could increased online sales tax hurt your online business? A controversy over online sales tax has tragically pitted one group of small businesses against another. In this post, Jeff Milchen of the American Independent Business Alliance says a “loophole” in state tax laws unfairly “subsidizes” businesses selling online, giving them an advantage over local retailers. Though Milchen focuses on huge online mega retailers, how could such a change impact your small online business? Or would it? Bloomberg BusinessWeek


A Website alone is not enough! With ever-changing online search trends and evolving online marketing strategies (both good and bad) you’ll need to consider not only how to get your small business online but how to make it easier for people to find it there. Recent changes in search engine algorithms mean competition is always increasing and knowing how to promote yourself online will be an important part of your business strategy. SEO Book


Setting up your first business Website. Here are the basics, a fundamental checklist that should work as at least a starting point as you look at how you want your small business Website to look and what information you want to include. Certainly, content will vary depending upon the kind of business you operate, but surely this post is a good place to begin. Abnormal Marketing

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